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Feeding Whole Prey To Dogs and Cats

With more and more people feeding a wholesome raw meat diet, there are now some suppliers who are providing pet owners with frozen whole prey whether it is rabbit, mice, etc.

Feeding our pets whole prey is, the most ideal way to feed them — well actually, letting our pets hunt is the most ideal way to feed them because then the food they catch is really fresh but this is unrealistic.

Feeding whole prey from a supplier is a great idea but of course, the majority of people don't have this opportunity and for others, the idea of doing this is not appealing at all.

If you have access to whole prey and if it is something you can stomach, then of course, it's something to consider.

For some people, including myself, the most easily available source of whole prey is fish.

The benefit of whole prey is that it has all of the nutrients in the prey, not just the meat. The blood, eyes, brains, guts, bones, skin, etc — it's all there.

One possible concern, for some, is that when feeding whole prey you are also feeding the bones. Not everyone is totally comfortable with their pets eating bones because of concerns the bones will get stuck.

When feeding whole prey, as long as all of the blood is still in the meat, then no pet supplements are needed. Saying that, I always find that using digestive enzymes is beneficial even if it's a whole prey because health begins with digestion. However, no calcium is needed when you feed whole prey as long as the blood is still in the prey. If the blood has been drained or if the blood is missing, then a calcium supplement is needed.

For many, feeding whole prey is not convenient, not possible and not something that they can easily accept or watch. But for others, it's the way they like to feed.

The reality is that for most people feeding chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, eggs, etc that they get from their local grocery store is still the most convenient way to go.

When feeding whole prey, the one thing you need to remember is that it can potentially get messy. As a result, it's better to feed your pets whole prey outside. But for people in apartments or cold weather climates, this is not always possible.

Feeding whole prey — not always possible to implement but for some, this concept will make perfect sense and thus make it a great idea too.

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Did you know that... Dr. Pottenger found that during his 10 year cat study with over 900 cats that the cats fed raw meat over their life span showed resistance to infections, to fleas, and to various other parasites, and showed no signs of allergies. They are friendly and predictable in their behavior patterns. When thrown or dropped as much as 6 feet to test co-ordination, they always landed on their feet and came back for more play. Now you know!

source: Pottenger’s Cats: A Study In Nutrition by Francis M. Pottenger, M.D.

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