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The Great Pet Food Debate: Raw versus Cooked versus Commercial Pet Food

Who's right? Who's wrong? Which one is better? This is the great pet food debate for many but not for me.

While others waste their time arguing and debating what's right, what's wrong, which is better, which is worse, who's right, who's wrong and so on, I would prefer to spend my time loving my pets. What a waste of time it is to debate such a silly issue.

By debating this topic, we fail to remember the whole point we have pets in our life — love.

Instead of spending our time loving our pets, this whole debate creates tension — the opposite of which of our pets are meant to bring to our life — peace.

Ultimately, when it comes to feeding our pets, we must all do what makes sense to us. For me, I am comfortable feeding a raw meat diet. Therefore, I do not need to debate, nor try to convince anyone, that I am right or that you are wrong. Interestingly enough, when we debate others, all we are really trying to do is convince ourselves that what we are doing is correct. Since I already know that what I am doing is the right diet for me, I don't need to convince anyone else, let alone myself.

When I first began feeding a wholesome raw meat diet in 1993, I definitely tried to convince anyone about the benefits and I was ready for a debate. But later, I realized I was doing just what I said above — missing the whole point of having a pet along with ultimately trying to convince myself that what I was doing was correct.

Now, I spend more time hugging and playing with my pets — what a life I have.

Arguing and debating is such a waste of energy.

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Body by Katherine

We Sexy Pets Don't Want Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is definitely a problem that we sexy pets don't need.

Itchy skin primarily occurs in the summer, but why? Well, one of the reasons is because during the winter we use less fat and so the problem tends to go away with cooler weather only to reappear with summer heat.

Help alleviate this annoying problem by feeding fresh foods with raw fat.

Let's get our bodies working like a finely tuned hot rod by eating pure and natural foods. Wholesome foods assist our organs of detoxification and make their job easier.

Just a simple tip to help you create a sexy Body Design By Katherine.

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