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The Rabies Vaccination: Is It Really Effective or Just A Money Maker?

They say that the rabies vaccine is 99% effective but chances are, 100% of the pets given the vaccine would never get rabies anyway. So is this claim really true?

Rabies naturally lives within our pets. But it's only when they are starving that the rabies virus takes over and kills the animals. Thus, rabies is a self destroying disease.

Rabies is ultimately an immune problem caused by a lack of food, well, actually nutrition. Considering that the pets eating even commercial pet food are getting some nutrition, would any pet that is eating food on a regular basis ever get rabies in the first place?

In countries like the Philippines, where I live most of the year, there are many stray dogs, all of whom are sick and lacking nutrition. As a result, there is a relatively high rate of rabies in a country like the Philippines. So if you were to give the rabies vaccine to all of the street dogs in the Philippines, would it prevent them from getting rabies? I think not — why? Because the street dogs would still be starving for food.

How effective would the rabies vaccine be on the street dogs considering the underlying problem, which is a lack of wholesome food, is not addressed?

In nature, there is always a balance between prey and predator. When the prey increase in numbers, so do the predators. But when the prey decreases in numbers, the number of predators must also decrease. This is why Mother Nature gave the hunters the rabies virus. When healthy and strong, the animals are strong and eating well, their body is able to suppress the rabies virus. But once weak, their body can no longer suppress the rabies virus leading to a rabid animal. Ultimately the animal dies of the rabies virus but in doing so, the predator to prey ratio goes back into harmony allowing enough food for the remaining hunters.

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Body by Katherine

Doggonit, I'm Sexy and I Know It!

Doggonit, I'm sexy and I know it.

I may sound vain with that statement, but that's okay. You see, as I walk down the street on my daily walks, people stare at me. They stop me and say, you look so healthy, what do you eat?

I simply say, Katherine DeBarnes Favourite Food of course!

The reason why I look so sexy is because my eyes sparkle. Why do they sparkle you ask? Well, eating fresh, wholesome and natural food helps my body eliminates toxins much more easily. In turn, this helps eliminate any cloudiness in my eyes.

Eating fresh homemade food will help create a sexy and yet harmonious Body Design By Katherine!

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