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The Triple Breath For Healing

The triple breath is a yogic breathing technique that helps us humans use our lungs fully and completely. When doing this, we increase the pranic energy that enters our body — breath is life.

Here is how you do the triple breath:

  1. Place your hands at the bottom edge of the rib cage, force all your breath out and at the same time push your hands against your rib cage forcing them inwards. Keep forcing your breath out until your stomach and belly have been drawn in towards your spine.
  2. This is the point you begin the triple breath from. Keeping your hands on your rib cage let your stomach relax and take a breath low down by pushing out the muscles of the abdomen, then next take the breath in a little higher until you can feel your hands on your ribs spreading outwards, then next, bring the breath into the upper chest. In time, the rib cage will spread a good 4 or 5 inches outwards on either side.
  3. After practicing this for a while it will all become smoother and smoother. At first your muscles around the ribs will be a little sore so do not practice too long. Stick to the 12–3 count. That is, take the breath in for the count of 12 and hold it for 3 in. Then let it out in the reverse order, chest first, then the rib cage, then the abdomen. That too is 12 counts out and hold out for 3 counts.
  4. Do this breath as many times as you are comfortable. When the muscles around the ribs become tired, stop.
  5. There is nothing to concentrate on with this breath, except slowly over time, lengthening the amount of time you take to breath in and hold, breath out and hold — but do keep your counts regular. For instance when I do it, my twelve count may take 36 seconds and my 3 count may take 9 seconds. Everyone will be different depending on the capacity of your lungs.
  6. Why do this exercise? Because it is great for your health and well–being, but more than that you will utilize Pranic energy, plus you will utilize it with self willed direction.
  7. Pranic energy is light energy and it can be directed. For instance, should you have an ailing organ in the body, after doing this technique; you will be able to visualize that organ surround and flooded with light energy. This heals. You can also learn to throw light energy around someone else who is ill or your pet.
  8. It takes time, it takes practice and it takes visualization.

Remember also to end any breathing technique with the cleansing breath, that is:

  • Gulp in a full lung of air, then purse your lips and short hammer blow expulsions, until you have blown out every last bit of air. Do this three times only.

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