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I've been promoting holistic health and nutrition for dogs and cats since 1994. That's a whopping long time! Even I can't believe how long I have been doing this now for but what's funny is that I am actually more passionate today about helping dogs and cats to be healthy than ever before.

I'm on a mission Mission Possible to help pets be healthy by spreading the word, well, actually by spreading the words, many words in fact. At last count, there were a gazillion words in my book, but whose counting?

In 1994, I began using and selling some supplements made by Dr. Swift, DVM. Today, I still use the exact same supplements for dogs and cats.

Why would I use the same supplements for so long? Simple. I got great results in 1994 with these supplements. I get the same great results today. The supplements are designed for pets. What this means to you is that many of the supplements are in powder form no need to break open any capsules at all! I know, what a relief to hear that.

Just so you know, I don't like the word customer. I much prefer to think of you as my supporter because without your support, I would not have been able to do what I have done since 1994 and without your support, I cannot continue my work into the future.

I am proud to say that I have hundreds, even thousands but definitely not millions of loyal supporters. I hope you are next.

Pets Before Profit Free Bonus Supplements

My philosophy is simple pets before profit.

Obviously, I need a profit to cover expenses and to be able to live, like everyone else. However, I do as much as I can to keep the costs as affordable as possible while offering you exceptionally high value.

Here are 3 things I do for my supporters:

  1. All of my supporters get free, unlimited and personalized email support.
  2. When you order $50 or more before shipping, you will get a free bonus supplement.
  3. When you order $75 or more before shipping, you will get a free bonus supplement plus free shipping

I take great pride in what I do. I try to go beyond what's considered normal or even quality customer service. I try to provide exceptional customer service. Why? Truthfully, it's because although I must serve you, I am really working to serve your pets and pets are my inspiration.

The free bonus supplements are provided to those in Canada and the United States. If you are an international supporter, please read below and if you are Australian, please read down under the international information.

Shipping Rates

On orders less that $75, the flat fee shipping rate is $10.98.

On orders above $75, there is no shipping charges at all and yes, this includes all international orders.

Although I am Canadian, I currently have all products shipped from Pennsylvania.

60 Day Refund Policy

I provide a generous 60 day refund policy I know, that's unheard of. But I want you to be confident, calm and comfortable when shopping at and when supporting my web site.

Cost of shipping is nonrefundable.

Items must be returned within 60 days of purchase in order to receive a refund. If items are received 60 days or later after a purchase then unfortunately no refund is possible.

Send me an email to get the address of where returned items need to be sent to: bowwow-!- @ -! (replace -!- @ -!- with @)


All prices are in US dollars.

International Supporters

Realizing that my philosophy is pets before profit, I keep rates affordable for international supporters too.

Essentially, international supporters don't incur any extra charges or fees. Instead, I swallow and absorb the higher costs of shipping while not passing on these costs to you. I know, you won't find this sort of offer anywhere else but it's just what I do and how I work.

The only difference is this:

  • With international orders, all I ask is that your minimum order be $60.
  • On orders less that $75, the shipping charge is only $10.98 the same price for everyone.
  • On order more than $75, the shipping charge is $0 yes, you heard me correct. On orders more than $75, I don't charge international supporters anything to have their supplements shipped to them.

So as you can see, as an international supporter, you save a lot of money because as we all know, the cost of shipping internationally can be quite high.

The major difference between international and domestic shipping is that with international orders, I am unable to provide free bonus supplements. Instead, I provide low cost shipping and in many cases, no shipping charges at all.

I've served pets all around the world. Here is a list of countries that I have served:

Argentina, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Hong Kong, France, Japan, Ireland, Romania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and numerous other countries around the world.

Across Canada, the United States, and around the World, we stop for nothing (except a walk in the park and of course, the occasional fire hydrant)!

Australian Supporters

G'day mate and thank you for supporting my efforts.

I have to be honest I would love to be able to ship supplements to your pets, but alas, the Ozzie Government has strict rules about what enters your country, as you already know.

I've tried many times but each time it fails. It's not that there is anything wrong with the supplements, it's just that to ship supplements to Australia would require huge expenses to get it past customs.

6 Pet Supplements For Every Day Use

If you have questions, at any time, or if you need assistance, please send me an email: bowwow-!- @ -! (replace -!- @ -!- with @).

I realize that everyone's budget is different. Therefore, if there is only one supplement you can afford to give, make sure it's the EggShellent Calcium. If you are able to include more, then the list is in order of importance for general every day use.


  • Made in the USA.
  • A calcium supplement made from finely ground egg shells.
  • EggShellent Calcium provides 1900 mg of calcium per teaspoon
  • EggShellent Calcium is a 100% natural supplement with 0 fillers and 0 additives.
  • This supplement is important because raw meat is high in phosphorus and low in calcium.
  • This supplement provides you with great value. One container is enough for approximately 92 pounds (42 kilograms) of meat.
  • This supplement helps to rebalance the natural calcium to phosphorus ratio in our pets for improved health.
  • Read my notes about calcium to learn more about the significant importance of calcium in the diet of our pets.

  • FloraZyme LP is a pancreatic derived enzyme supplement that also contain friendly bacteria (probiotics).
  • FloraZyme LP contains 7 enzymes and 2 probioic (friendly bacteria) strains.
  • Pancreatic derived enzymes are derived from the pancreas. Since our pets are natural carnivores, they tend to respond significantly better to pancreatic derived enzymes than from fungal (vegetarian) derived enzymes.
  • Most human enzyme supplements are just made using vegetarian derived enzymes. As a result, our pets don't do as well using enzymes meant for humans.
  • This supplement is also in powder form this means no capsules need to be opened. Just sprinkle some FloraZyme LP on to your pet's food. Really simple and easy.
  • The extra digestive assistance that FloraZyme LP provides is beneficial for all pets, but especially those pets that are sick, have allergies or are older.
  • Some pets may vomit food after being introduced to a raw meat diet due to the fact they have a weakened digestive system. In this situation, FloraZyme LP will usually help remove this problem.
  • Read my notes about digestive enzymes, the importance of digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria.
  • Read my notes about trophotheraphy.

  • Pet GO is a glandular and organ supplement, for every day use, designed help provide the body with general nutrition to the organs and glands of the body.
  • Pet GO contains 13 glands and organs.
  • You can choose between a powder of wafer form. The powder form is nice as it is easy to sprinkle onto the food. But the wafers can be given like a treat to dogs (and some cats). At the same time though, the wafers can easily be broken and sprinkled onto the food.
  • For those with many dogs, the wafer form comes in a bulk size of 500 wafers for extra savings.
  • Read my notes about glandular therapy.

  • GMO free.
  • While trace minerals may seem insignificant, they are in fact, very significant for good health. Everything from preventing diabetes to thinking requires the help of trace minerals.
  • Trace AniMinerals provides at least 42 valuable trace minerals needed for good health.
  • Trace AniMinerals is so concentrated that 1/2 tsp. contains the mineral content of 1/2 cup of sea water, with 99.5% of the sodium removed.
  • This supplement is amazingly simple to give. You can either add it to the food or your pet's drinking water.
  • An excellent supplement especially if you are providing your pets with distilled water or reverse osmosis water.

  • In the past, I would not have suggested this product for every day use. But the reality is that dogs and cats are suffering from kidney problems like never before.
  • One teaspoon of Rena GO provides 1050 mg of kidneys and 450 mg of heart.
  • Since Rena GO helps to support healthy kidneys, I now like to suggest this supplement to help prevent kidney problems. The reality is, most pets who have eaten commercial pet foods will probably have weak kidneys or, at least, be more susceptible to kidney problems.
  • For people with healthy pets, I suggest using this supplement every day, to every other day or give two or three times a week just to help maintain healthy kidneys.
  • Rena GO works best when used in combination with Pet GO. The Pet GO supplement provides the foundation upon which Rena GO builds upon. Pet GO also helps support the kidneys, but Rena GO only supports the kidneys.
  • If it is within your budget, then this is one of my favourite supplements for pets because according to Chinese herbal medicine, the kidneys are the master organs in the body as the health of the kidneys go, so does the health of the rest of the body. Healthy kidneys are crucial for overall good health.
  • This supplement is only available in powder form. Simply sprinkle on to the food.

  • GMO free.
  • PetiGreens is a green food supplement that helps to provide the healthy nutrients of green foods which our pets would normally get from the digestive tract of their prey.
  • PetiGreens contains 4 organic green food ingredients which are wheat grass juice, barley grass juice, oat grass juice and alfalfa juice.
  • While this supplement can be beneficial for many pets, I've placed it lower in the pecking order than the Rena GO supplement because ultimately our pets are carnivores and having healthy kidneys is, in many ways, more important than a green food. Nonetheless, if it is within your budget, this is a good supplement.
  • This supplement is in powder form. No need to open any capsules. This supplement lasts quite a long time, relatively speaking of course.
  • Read my notes on herbal nutrition and the benefits of green foods.

2 Specialized Pet Supplements

In theory, the Rena GO supplement above would also be classified as a specialized supplement. But since so many pets have kidney problems or are at risk for having kidney problems, I raised it to an every day supplement.

  • A super concentrated formula. 100% Grass fed free range.
  • 4 ounces is approximately 76 servings. 8 ounces is approximately 152 servings (1 scoop = serving).
  • Thyro GO helps support the thyroid, adrenals, pituitary and in general, the whole endocrine system.
  • Thyro GO provides 5 gland and organ concentrates along with some kelp.
  • Pets that are overweight, underweight, have allergies and that are stressed are all good candidates for the use of Thyro GO.
  • Thyro GO can also be given to healthy pets once, twice or three times a week just to help maintain the health of the thyroid, adrenals, pituitary and endocrine system.
  • This supplement is only available in wafer form. You can give like a treat to dogs (and some cats) or you can crumble and add to the food.

  • A super concentrated formula. 95% Grass fed free range.
  • 4 ounces is approximately 76 servings. 8 ounces is approximately 152 servings (1 scoop = serving).
  • Immu GO helps support the immune system. This is good for those pets who are really quite sick.
  • Immu GO contains 2 gland and organ ingredients (spleen and thymus) along with bone marrow.
  • Most pets that are eating a wholesome raw meat diet don't need this supplement though because the diet alone stimulates the immune system.
  • This supplement is only available in wafer form. You can give like a treat to dogs (and some cats) or you can crumble and add to the food.

Sick Pet Project

Sick Pet ProjectMeet Jumbo, the participant in The Sick Pet Project.

Bonus: Demodectic Mange — Before and After — a must view and the before and after pictures are truly amazing... images courtesy of of Gracie (:

Follow the story of my most recent rescue and get other news by following me on Facebook.

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Itchy skin is definitely a problem that we sexy pets don't need.

Itchy skin primarily occurs in the summer, but why? Well, one of the reasons is because during the winter we use less fat and so the problem tends to go away with cooler weather only to reappear with summer heat.

Help alleviate this annoying problem by feeding fresh foods with raw fat.

Let's get our bodies working like a finely tuned hot rod by eating pure and natural foods. Wholesome foods assist our organs of detoxification and make their job easier.

Just a simple tip to help you create a sexy Body Design By Katherine.

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My videos are meant to take you on a journey of thoughts to help maximize the clarity of your own thoughts and approach to how you care for and love your pets.

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