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Pet Food Recalls and Pet Food Alerts

What's interesting is that many people are afraid to feed a natural raw meat diet because they have fears of salmonella poisoning or something else. Yet, I always tell people commercial pet food is known to cause food poisoning. But for some reason, commercial pet foods have this image of being safe.

Well, if you thought commercial pet foods were safe, you should look at the list provided by A.V.M.A. — The American Veterinary Medical Association.

I write this article on June 18, 2013 and by this date, I can count about 360 pet food recalls and/or alerts so far this year.

That's a whopping number — that number is staggering — even mind boggling.

You can view the full list here:

If the list of pet food recalls and alerts doesn't shock you, I don't know what to say (:

It's unfortunate that vets often scare people from feeding a wholesome and natural raw meat diet by using salmonella or food poisoning in general as a scare tactic — because when a vet does this, they are not being truthful — they are not providing the people with the truth about how many pets foods are contaminated.

In the list, there are some popular brand name pet foods.

One thing is for sure, in my 20 years of feeding my pets a raw meat diet, none of my pets have ever had food poisoning!

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I'm A Sexy Canine

I don't want to wag my tail here too much, but I'm a sexy canine.

Now, I know what you're thinking and you're right, beauty comes from within, and it does! You see, in my case, my bowel is so clean, I can't help but be sexy.

I'm extremely vibrant and I owe it all to eating fresh wholesome foods. Fresh food helps maintain regularity naturally. In turn, this helps ensure toxins leave via my stools and not via my skin. Fresh food helps maintain friendly bacteria in my colon also.

Wholesome food keeps my bowels cleaner than a puppy that just had a bath!

Being able to rid my insides of toxins easily is vital to helping keep me a sexy canine on the outside with no extra weight due to a ballooned colon!

A clean colon will help give you a wonderful and vibrant Body Design By Katherine!

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