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Learn The Simple Secrets of Natural Homemade Pet Food

Across Canada, the United States, and around the World, we stop for nothing (except a walk in the park and of course, the occasional fire hydrant)!

We're 4 steps ahead of everyone else..., if you are wanting to learn the simple secrets of making natural homemade pet food, then you have come to the right place.

Katherine DeBarnes — the reason why I began feeding natural homemade dog food and natural homemade cat foodPets Need Wholesome Food Also will clearly explain to you the why, the what and the how of making natural homemade pet food quick and easily.

I originally wrote Pets Need Wholesome Food Also in 1995. At this time, my book was a short 20 page guide so people could learn my simple steps of organizing and making wholesome pet food in the most simplistic of ways. In 1996, due to a publisher's request, I turned my short guide into an extremely popular 130 page book.

Now, as of November, 2009, I have rewritten a significant part of my book while adding exactly 1½ tons of new information, an additional tablespoon of mediocre humor, new features (with more planned) and some really awesome pictures (or at least I think so).

Pets Need Wholesome Food Also is available to the concerned pet guardians throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond. But, mostly concentrating on the place we call Mother Earth. Pets Need Wholesome Food Also is a Sirius Publication!

What's New With My Guide To Natural Homemade Pet Food?

Well, let me tell you, the re–write of my book was in the planning for 1 whole year before the actual writing began. I gathered many notes, gathered my thoughts and then rested my fingers so they could type all the information that I wanted to share with you.

Believe it or not, but when I first wrote my book I was just the ripe old age of 26. Such a young person I was then and over the years, one might say the information I have to share with you about natural homemade pet food has matured (while others will say my information has mutated).

Regardless of whether my information has matured or mutated, I have so much more to share with you. But it's more than just providing you with new and/or updated information. I've also updated my web site because the Internet today allows me to incorporate features that simply were not available when I first put my book online in 2000.

First, let me assure that the simplicity of my book is still the same as it has always been. I can guarantee you that after reading my guide, you will be feeding natural homemade pet food in a quick and simple, hassle free way. In fact, my original book remains much the same as it was when I first wrote my book. I have simply updated some parts and removed outdated information, but the actual nuts and bolts of my original book remains the same. My original information has just been so popular that I decided not to significantly change it. Instead, I will be constantly adding more information to a new section of my book which I call — what's new pussy cat? Okay, okay, I know that's a cheap pun but I am sure all of the Tom Jones fans will like the name of this new section! Anyway, this will ultimately allow you to easily flow from the original, basic and easy to read information to the new but still easy to understand material.

People like my book because of it's easy to read, easy to understand nature and this has not change.

Okay, so let's see — probably the 2 biggest features that I've added are question and answer section and the the sick pet project where you can follow the progress of an extremely sick dog that I've been trying help.

In addition to lots of new information, I've added diagrams when possible and where helpful. But this will be found more in the what's new pussy cat section.

Other new features include the ability to easily print individual pages and for those who have web sites, you can now easily add my content to your web site!

Above and beyond all of this, I've also added interactivity to my web site allowing you to become an active participant. This in turn helps to make my web site more than just a book, but a community for holistically minded pet lovers.

Ask Jesse

Have questions about holistic pet health and/or natural homemade pet food? Then, Ask Jesse:

Some questions and answers may appear online to help others learn more about holistic health care for dogs and cats.

If you really do not want your question and answer to appear online, just let me know.

Not all questions and answers will appear online. Instead, I like to publish those question and answers that can most benefit others.

A whole list of questions and answers can be found on my questions and answers page, but below you can see some of the most recently asked questions:

  1. Diatomaceous earth and worms
  2. Calcium Citrate versus Ground Egg Shells
  3. Nancy Question 2 — My Dog Has Bad Gas!
  4. Nancy Question 1 — What Cut of Beef Should I Feed?
  5. What Can Be Done To Help Severe Demodectic Mange?
  6. Three Questions About Calcium For Pets
  7. Boomer Part 4: How Often Can I Feed Raw Fish
  8. Boomer Part 3: Should You Change The Diet As A Pet Gets Older
  9. Boomer Part 2: Cooked Meat and Calcium
  10. Boomer Part 1: Do I Have To Add Calcium To Fish?
  11. Part 7: She Likes Meat Straight From The Package
  12. Part 6: She Caught A Mouse — I'm Concerned About Parasites
  13. Part 5: Can I Feed Later at Night?
  14. Part 4: Things Make Sense
  15. Part 3: Can I Feed Too Much Raw Meat or Protein
  16. Part 2: Bekkie Boo Boo Has Had Cystitis Before
  17. Part 1: Meet Bekkie Boo Boo and Her Ear Mites
  18. Is Feeding Chicken With Bones A Good Source of Calcium, Iron and Potassium?
  19. How Can I Help My Cat Eat More?

My Dedication

Morris My CatThis book is dedicated to Morris My Cat, who at age 15½ helped me discover the amazing power of wholesome food. Soon after Morris began eating natural homemade cat food, he no longer required my assistance to get up the stairs in my home. In fact, he gained not only enough strength to walk up the stairs, but he even began running up the stairs. Then, when he began jumping our 3 foot high fence again for the first time in years, I was completely amazed.

This book is also dedicated to Katy who touched the hearts of many while damaging ear drums with her constant barking. Morris may have helped me discover and see the power of wholesome natural homemade pet food, but Katy was the reason why I set forth on the path of natural health and nutrition for dogs and cats. Katy is now ever existent, ever blissful and ever conscious.

What's The Cost?

This web site explains the whole meat and no potatoes of making natural homemade pet food for free! That be right — I speaketh the word free.

Although this web site is currently free to read, if you wish to print this entire book, I kindly ask that you make a donation. After making a donation, you are provided with a link to a printer friendly web page for easy and quick printing of my entire book.

I Love All Animals!

I love all animals, not just our four legged furry friends, but all animals (except snakes, but I don't hate them, I just don't want to hold the snake or see one — but that's another story).

Since I love pets so much, I help pets by making my site available to read for free. My web site and my book are my donation to the pets of the world.

Why Is This Web Site Free To Read?

Well, the simple truth is that this information isn't meant to help humans — it's meant to help pets. If given the opportunity, I am quite sure a pet would buy this book just as you buy books on human health and nutrition.

So, in order to help pets, I make this web site freely available so all humans have free access to this valuable information — because in order to help pets, this information must be adopted and incorporated into the lifestyle of the pet by a human.

I make this information freely available so more humans, regardless of where they live in the world and regardless of their level of income, have the opportunity to help their pet — and helping pets is my preference — and making this web site available to read for free is just my way of indirectly helping all of my four legged furry friends.

Our Pets Are Starving For Nutrition

In today's world pets eat on a regular basis and are thus not starving for food, but they are starving for nutrition! Read this sentence again if you have to.

If pets are eating on a regular basis, then why would they be starving for nutrition?

A body will be starving for nutrition when the food eaten either provides insufficient nutrition, is a source of poor quality nutrition or the body cannot efficiently assimilate or utilize the nutrition from the food.

Signs that your pet is starving for nutrition include a pet that eats stools, eats garbage, is always begging for food, has an endless stomach, is always hungry and is generally always looking for something to eat. Why do pets eat stools, as an example? It is because stools provide an additional source of nutrition and as yucky as it seems to us, pets that eat stools, vomit, etc are instinctively looking for more nutrition. I am happy to report these problems begin to go away once the pet is eating wholesome foods on a regular basis.

Of course there are many other signs that your pet is starving for nutrition including numerous health problems. A thyroid problem can indicate, as a simple example, that your pet is starving for iodine as iodine is the mineral that helps to regulate the thyroid.

Nutrition is fuel for the body and unless the body has a nutritional fuel tank that is filled up at every meal, then the body will always be like a car running on empty.

It has been said that 90% of health problems begin as a result of poor nutrition. The lack of nutrition can be during adulthood, puppyhood, kittenhood or while still a foetus depending on its mother for nutrition. If we stop for a second, paws and then observe just how many pets are sick in today's world and how many veterinarian clinics there are in every town and city, then you, like me, might begin to question the quality of nutrition our pets are getting from commercial pet foods.

Your mother probably told you you are what you eat and your father probably told you that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and your doctor should tell you an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. My book addresses all 3 of these adages.

My book is obviously about feeding a wholesome and natural raw meat homemade diet for dogs and cats and I make no bones (pun intended) about this! I am biased in my opinion but that's only because I've found an approach that makes sense to me.

Why does this approach make sense to me?

Feeding a wholesome raw meat diet makes sense to me because I prefer not to focus on the word raw but rather on the word wholesome. Nobody can deny that our pets, just as we humans, need wholesome foods for good health. For some, they will think that commercial pet foods constitute a wholesome diet and that's fair enough. To each their own. But for myself (and hopefully for you too), if we meditate on what constitutes a wholesome diet then our thoughts should lead us to a diet that most closely imitates and resembles what Mother Nature herself would feed.

No diet is perfect, but feeding a wholesome raw meat diet is as close to perfect as dog paddling is to free style swimming!

Pets today are not starving for food, but they are starving for nutrition. If you can understand and grasp this thought then you will not only know why my book is entitled Pets Need Wholesome Food Also but you will also thoroughly enjoy what my book has to offer you.

Jesse feeding fish to the cats at his cat sanctuary

The picture above shows Jesse, the author, feeding fish to the cats at his cat sanctuary in the Philippines.

My Book Is About Love!

At first glance, my book appears to be a book about health and nutrition. But I always tell people that my book is actually about love — loving our pets so much that we want to do the best we can for them in every aspect of their life.

It's a fact — our pets bring great joy to our life. Our pets love us and we love them.

One way we can express or show our love for our pets is by feeding them a wholesome diet. Thus as you read my book, please always focus on the love for your pet or pets. When you need a reminder about how much you love your pets and they love you, give them a hug and feel the love flow.

Sad to say, some people just see a pet as a pet and not as living being that requires wholesome foods. It's always difficult for those of us that realize that, as pet guardians, we have a responsibility to treat our pets with love in every way including the food we feed them. I am often asked how can we change those that feed unhealthy pet foods? I always tell people that we should not try to change or convince others, but rather we should be a shining example. When you shine bright your light will eventually guide others too.

About This Book and Its Origin — Brief History

My claim to fame is that in 1994 I was the first to publish information about both feeding raw meat diets and holistic health for dogs and cats on the Internet. It was at this time that a lady by the name of Shirley was also starting her little web site about holistic health for humans. Shirley's little web site became a big web site and is now famously known as Shirley's Wellness Cafe. Shirley encouraged me to continue developing my information and that's exactly what I have done! Even to this day, Shirley and I are still good friends!!

When it comes to my book, Pets Need Wholesome Food Also was originally written just a 20 page booklet. Due to a publisher's request, this book gradually grew to about 130 pages by 1996.

Although a publisher was interested in formally publishing my book, I decided to keep it self published. Around 1998, I stopped selling my book and then I waited for the right opportunity — along with enough free time to republish my book online. In December of 2000, I launched and it has been online ever since!

In September 2009, I rewrote parts of my book, added significant amounts of new information and features.

Although I have been helping pets (and their humans) since 1993, both online and offline, my passion for helping pets eat healthier and more wholesome foods is stronger than ever. I love what I do — this is not a business for me nor is it a hobby — it's a passion.

The Staff:

When the staff is not too pooped to pop and when the staff are not taking their daily cat naps, the members of this wolf pack have lion pride in serving you. The staff includes:

Editor: Katherine DeBarnes
Publisher: Morris the Cat
Sales and Animal Relations: Tamara DeBarnes
CEA (Chief Executive Animal): Grumpy Gretel
Promotions and Marketing: Tiger Sr.
Reception: Tiger Jr.
Legal Adviser: Chink
Distribution: Heidi
Webmaster: Bentley
Water Bowl Boy: Jesse

A ferociously yawning cat named Tiger

Acceptable Use Policy

This web site is 100% free to read.

If wish you wish to print my entire book, then I kindly ask you to make a donation. After making a donation you will be provided with a special web page address. The special web page address will provide you with printer friendly pages that allow you to easily and quickly print this entire book.

If you wish to print individual pages, then no donation is requested.

This web site and book may not be printed and/or redistributed for profit! All violators who distribute this book for profit will be prosecuted.

Please remember, this entire book and all of its contents are copyrighted!

this book is printed on recycled electrons
This book is printed on recycled electrons and is a Sirius Publication.

Let's Begin Feeding Natural Homemade Pet Food

Okay, we're just about ready to start the whole process of learning how to make wholesome and natural homemade dog and cat food, but before we begin, I just have to say...


The information contained within this web site is provided for educational purposes only and is not meant to replace specific veterinary advice. There are many methods and approaches to feeding pets. You are encouraged to seek the method that makes most sense to you. The author is not responsible for unfavorable reactions to the information provided.

Sick Pet Project

Sick Pet ProjectMeet Jumbo, the participant in The Sick Pet Project.

Bonus: Demodectic Mange — Before and After — a must view and the before and after pictures are truly amazing... images courtesy of of Gracie (:

Follow the story of my most recent rescue and get other news by following me on Facebook.

Katy's Official Gospel

Did you know that... protein makes up three-fourths of the dry weight of most body cells. Proteins are involved in the biochemical structure of hormones, enzymes, nutrient carriers, antibodies, and many other substances and functions essential to life. Now you know!

source: The Healing Nutrients Within by Eric Braverman, M.D. with Carl Pfeiffer, M.D., Ph.D.

Pictures of My Pets

You Tube Videos

I've created a series of YouTube videos that you can watch or listen to whenever you want.

My videos are meant to take you on a journey of thoughts to help maximize the clarity of your own thoughts and approach to how you care for and love your pets.

Jesse — creator of Pet Grub, Juicing Book and Time Genie. Also visit the The Hormonal Nightmare to learn about balancing your hormones.