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Diet: One of The Keys To Dog Whispering

Anyone who has watched Cesar Millan work will know that he has a natural gift as a Dog Whisperer.

One of the keys to dog whispering, according to Cesar Milan, is that you need to be calm and assertive to create a calm and submissive dog. Makes perfect sense.

Cesar goes on to tell people the importance of exercising their dog and how one needs to create rules, boundaries and limitations.

If you have never watched the Dog Whisperer then I highly suggest you watch his TV show. The information you can learn is amazing.

Barbara Woodhouse: No Bad DogsBut before Cesar Millan there was Barbara Woodhouse whose book No Bad Dogs along with her TV show that appeared on the BBC in England, was in my opinion, the first dog whisperer — although she would never have called herself that.

Barbara Woodhouse had an incredible ability to get dogs to behave. She just took charge. My mother and I used to watch her show with great amazement.

Cesar Millan does things slightly differently but the essence is the same. Cesar Millan has taken this dog whispering concept to a whole new level and understanding. Cesar Millan also has the ability to explain things very well.

However, what's interesting is that nobody talks about diet?

Dogs (or cats) that are starving for nutrition will have a nervous system that is stressed. Think of yourself and how you begin to get stressed or agitated when you are hungry and starving. The same thing happens to our pets.

I can remember when a lady contacted me because her Rottweiler was out of control. But after feeding the Rottweiler a natural and wholesome raw meat diet, the Rottweiler began acting like a gentle giant.

To create a calm and submissive dog, one of the keys is a wholesome raw meat diet. A dog (or cat) that is not starving for nutrition is simply much easier to control.

A dog (or cat) that is always starving for nutrition will be harder to control as they are always looking for food, wanting food — their mind will be harder to focus on the job at hand because the primal urge to eat supercedes obedience and submission.

A dog (or cat) that is not healthy will be harder to control. While you may want the dog to stay still, the itchy feeling they have due to their allergies just causes the dog to need to move — the need to itch is overwhelming and the dog really wants to listen to you, but that itch, it's driving the dog crazy.

Agression in dogs (or cats) can also be related or connected to a calcium deficiency. A wholesome raw meat diet is the best way to ensure your dog or cat is getting enough calcium.

A healthy pet that is eating a wholesome raw meat diet which is getting all the food it needs will simply be easier to control and manage because they are nutritionally at peace — in turn this helps to create a submissive mind.

Can you see it? Can you see how a dog (or cat) that is starving for nutrition, not food, but nutrition will be more difficult to control?

Dog whispering can help the psychology of our pets but dog whispering does not and never will address the nutritional imbalances in our pets.

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