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Part 1: Introduction to Bekkie Boo and Her Ear Mites

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I just ordered a few of your supplements on–line. I am hoping with those supplements and also an all raw diet (which is going pretty good so far) my Bekkie Boo Boo (kitty cat) will get a stronger immune system. Started reading your book — extremely informative.

I have a question, which is posted below, after some background information.

I adopted Bekkie Boo Boo 2 years ago after she was abandoned, and went the traditional route with her — vaccinations, etc., and also got her spayed, then on the operating table the Vet discovered she already was spayed — so she went through a lot of drugs, probably got over vaccinated as her first owner owner had her spayed, and probably got her all the vaccinations as well... anyway... I am now coming to see that she has always had an ear mite problem, probably because of her lowered immunity from everything us humans did to her. In the past I did the topical flea, ear mite drops like Revolution, etc. and of course that seemed to work fine, until I realized what I was doing to her, so I have stopped all that. Bekkie Boo Boo is probably between 3–41/2 years old.

I bought some organic olive oil with tea tree, lavender, clove, and rosemary specifically for mites/lice — it's called mange–parasite oil. I've been putting drops in her ears for about a week now, and last night, with the help of neighbors was able to clean out tons of brown scabs and gunk from her ears. This morning, inside her ears I still saw the brown coffee type grounds, that I know are indications of mites, so she still has them, although she is shaking her head far less than she used to and scratching a whole lot less as well. But she is exhausted form last nights ordeal of cleaning her ears out, and has been sleeping all day, which she usually doesn't. Her ears look a bit red to me, although the sores outside her ears are much better and she is scratching a whole lot less.

Am I on the right track with what I am doing?

Jesse's Answer

While Bekkie Boo Boo may have a weak immune system, the raw meat diet combined with better digestion (FloraZyme LP), the calcium and general body support (Pet GO) will ultimately boost her immune system. Ultimately, the raw meat itself will boost her immune system. The supplements will only help boost her immune system just that little bit more and a little bit faster.

Since you are concerned about all of the vaccinations, drugs, etc, chances are her kidneys are also a little bit weak. The Pet GOsupplement will help support the kidneys too, but Rena GO just goes a little bit further and gives the kidneys even more support. In turn, this will help Bekkie Boo Boo detoxify faster, help the body detoxify more efficiently, help the kidneys heal and ultimately help boost the immune system too.

In Chinese herbal medicine, they say that the kidneys are the master organs of the body. Actually, even before the Chinese knew what the kidneys were, the Chinese always knew that there was something in the body that controlled the overall health — which are the kidneys. So having healthy kidneys is very important to good health.

Again, the diet alone will help the kidneys as will the other supplements indirectly... but the Rena GO in combination with the Pet GO will just do it best of all.

Now as for the ear mites. Ultimately, it's a sign of weak immunity. No big deal though. The one thing you need to know and remember it that ear mites work on a 3 week cycle. So you must continue to oil treatment for 3 weeks.

While the oil and the herbs are nice, ultimately all that is needed is the oil. I personally still like to use some herbs in the oil because the herbs give a little bit more of an impact. But ultimately its the oil that kills the ear mites.

Essentially, what happens is the oil covers the ear mites and then suffocates them. But ear mites lay lots of eggs and those eggs will hatch within the 3 week period. So you must continue the oil ear drops for a period of 3 weeks. This way, you kill the adults and any of the babies.

A lot of junk is going to come out of the ears and after the 3 week period, you may still see some black stuff coming out of the ears. My two rescued cats had ear mites when I got them too. They never liked the oil treatment but the oil definitely got rid of the ear mites. But even to this day, over 1 year later, you can still see some black junk in their ears. But it's not bad and there are no more ear mites. It's just residue left over and its too far or deep for me to clean. No problem though. The ear mites are gone and the same will probably happen for Bekkie Boo Boo. Ultimately, once the body is strong and healthy, a natural immunity will also be obtained again ear mites which can help to further reduce this problem from happening again in the future.

Although you know about the ear mites, don't be surprised if you see live worms being expelled from Bekkie Boo Boo too — if Bekkie Boo Boo has worms in her body, then the body will expel them once the body is ready.

It is absolutely amazing when you see the live worms leaving the body — not the flukes, but the live worms — moving and crawling, fighting for their survival because they cannot survive outside the body.

Anyway, ultimately Bekkie Boo Boo will be fine. While vaccinations are not good for the body nor drugs, etc, the most important thing is that Bekkie Boo Boo is now eating a wholesome diet, has some very good supplements coming and has loving hands to hold her.

Personally, like many people I am anti–vaccination. It's more of a money maker than anything else and the ingredients used in vaccinations are not that healthy. I always like to tell people of how the German vet cured all of the sheepdogs, shepherds and sheep of anthrax poisoning in the 1850's only using a homeopathic vaccination which has no side effects. If only people knew there were safe, cheaper and better alternatives to vaccination — the best alternative being the diet itself. A wholesome raw meat diet is the best natural form of vaccination possible — why because nutrition is the key to good health.

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