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Boomer Part 1: Do I Have To Add Calcium To Fish?

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I give Boomer boneless raw fish occasionally for dinner with the veggies, instead of meat (today it was 'sole'. I assume it's okay to give him raw fish occasionally (he loves it as did our previous dog, Teddy), but I'm wondering if I need to give the calcium with raw fish which I know is necessary with raw meat? I have been adding the calcium with the fish.

Jesse's Answer

When it comes to any raw meat, the calcium should be added and this includes fish.

The only time the calcium does not need to be added is when the food being fed is a whole prey. An example would be if a cat catches a mouse or a bird... or if a dog catches a rabbit.

Only with whole prey are all of the nutrients naturally there, including calcium. The primary source for calcium in the meat is blood. But the meats we buy, including fish, are drained of blood. Therefore, we must add an external source of calcium.

I personally feed my cats raw fish all the time but the fish I feed is whole... brains, guts, skin, bones, blood... everything from head to tail. So with this type of fish, no calcium is needed... many people feed raw meat and bones thinking they are feeding enough calcium, but they are missing the fact that the meat has been drained of blood. So even raw meat and bones need calcium added to the meat. Only when the meat is whole prey is calcium not needed.

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