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Part 2: Bekkie Boo Boo Has Had Cystitis Before

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I am very glad I am receiving the Rena GO. In the past, Bekki Boo Boo has had episodes of cystitis, and that's when I went from dry kibble (Wellness CORE) to canned Wellness, and the cystitis seems to have abated, but now I'm going all raw for her, which is even better.

I feel so fortunate to have found your site, and for all this information you have provided and for this support and the additional gift products, and now feel so much more confident with what I am doing. I know it is just a matter of time and Bekkie Boo Boo will be leaping around and running up trees again. She is such a wonderful cat in so many ways, and I know she will get even more wonderful when she feels really good.

Jesse's Answer

The cystitis is, from a holistic point of view, caused by a lack of moisture in the food... raw meat is naturally high in moisture and cats naturally get moisture from their prey. At the same time, raw meat is more easily digested than cooked meats. When you combine dry food (or food with not enough moisture) with cooked meat (or commercial pet food), then this leads to cystitis. Even without the Rena GO, just switching to a raw meat diet would be all that is needed to reverse the cystitis. But the Rena GO and Pet GO make it easier on the body to heal itself.

In the early 1990's, when I first began feeding a natural homemade diet and when I began helping others learn about it too, cystitis was one of the most common problems. It was also one of the problems that would go away after the cat was switched to a raw meat diet. People were stunned then and to this day, people are still stunned when the cystitis goes away.

90% of disease is diet related and cystitis is one such problem that is diet related.

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