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Part 4: Things Make Sense

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I like what you said about eating as much as she needs, and the whole healing thing... makes sense.

OK - so when I now feed her, it is very similiar to what you do with your cats. I feed her a nice portion in the morning, and she comes and goes at eating it. First she really doesn't touch it, then she comes back and eats a bit, then she finishes the whole thing off. In the evening she does the same — eats a little, comes back, eats more, then she seems to finish it all off...

So, what I should do is make sure there is more food, so she can really stuff herself, and only feed her once.

Hmmmmm... she is so used to twice a day — when I come home from work she expects it, so what should I do when she looks at me and wonders where's dinner?

BTW... no more dandruff, her coat is luxurious like I have never seen, and her ears were not mites, but an ear infection, and she is now on the mend with that, and I will give her 1 tablet of the Rena GO, and the Pet GO each day... I'm slowly learning and will eventually get this right - thanks! :)

Jesse's Answer

My suggestion is that you feed her at night.

In the morning, she won't be hungry. Then when you get home, she will be hungry.

Now when you feed 1 meal per day, Bekkie Boo Boo will quickly get into the routine of knowing I better eat a lot now.

You will find that after a few days, Bekkie Boo Boo will have absolutely no problem eating once per day. Oh sure, she may still look for food or perhaps meow a little. But it's in a carnivore's nature to look for food. But with one big meal per day, she will be fine and content.

Feeding once per day is always initially more stressful on the human than the cat or dog. But soon, you as the human, will be at peace with feeding just once per day and in fact, I guarantee you will find it is blessing to feed just once per day (but please remember, only mature dogs and cats should have one meal per day — puppies and kittens have a different feeding schedule).

As her immunity gets stronger, things like ear infections will not happen again. However, these are her weak spots. As she ages, don't be surprised if you encounter these problems again. Should they ever happen again, then you will know what to do.

Anyway, once you feed Bekkie Boo Boo once per day, you are going to see the opposite happen.

Currently, it is like this, as you described:

First she really doesn't touch it, then she comes back and eats a bit, then she finishes the whole thing off.

But, when you feed Bekkie Boo Boo once per day, it will be like this:

First she eats a lot, then comes back and eats a bit. Then she comes back and eats a little more and finishes the whole thing off.

See the difference?

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