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Review of Detoxification

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Detoxification is part of a natural healing process whereby the body eliminates toxinsDetoxification is part of a natural healing process whereby the body eliminates toxins.

Signs of detoxification can include:

  • vomitting
  • itchy skin
  • soft stools
  • constipation
  • draining eyes
  • ear wax build up
  • lack of appetite
  • live worms leaving the body
  • urine may be a darker color
  • emotional or physical changes
  • mucous or blood on the stools
  • lethargy, even extreme lethargy
  • the creation of cysts or growths
  • increase in amount and smell of gas, bad breath, body odour, strong urine or feces smell
  • ... and more

Although detoxification is a natural process, most people are not used to it, so if you are at all concerned with your pet's detox, contact your vet, preferably a holistic vet who understands detoxification.

If you contact your vet, then they can tell you if your pet is going through a detox or if there are problems.

Generally speaking, detoxification just takes its course, and once gone it leaves many dogs and cats looking new & improved.

Detoxification can happen at anytime, can last one or more days and can happen more than once or never at all.

Some simple herbs, glandular and organ supplements and digestive enzymes help with detoxification.

A bath in just plain water or with a herbal shampoo helps remove toxins from the skin.

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