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Aiding Detoxification

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What can we do to help in simple cases of detoxification?

Glandular and organ supplements provide concentrated sources of raw glands and organs. This approach is known as glandular therapy. When taken as a supplement, the concentrated raw glands and organs help to stimulate the liver, kidneys, etc. If the glandular supplement contains liver, then it is said help the liver — if the glandular supplement contains some adrenals, then it is said to help the adrenals and so on.

From a herbal standpoint, herbs like dandelion leaves, nettles and milk thistle have been used for thousands of years to aid the liver and help purify the blood. Milk thistle, in fact, is used in the emergency room of some European hospitals for poisonings affecting the liver.

Although herbs can and do play a valuable role, our pets being natural carnivores tend to respond better to the glandular supplements. So my first emphasis is on the glandular supplements then to that, I add, if needed the herbal remedies.

If your companion has toxins coming out on the skin, then this could be creating itchy skin. In this situation, you may want to bathe your pet in water just to wash the toxins off the skin. Of course, not all cats and dogs like water, so you will have to decide if this is suitable for your companion. Personally, I do not like to put the animals under any more stress than what they need.

When my dog and cat detoxified through the skin, I washed Katherine, my miniature schnauzer with just water once a day until the detox ended. I could have used a gentle herbal shampoo, but decided to simply give her a shower in the bath tub. With Morris My Cat, I simply put some olive oil on his skin.

Many people ask if they should use a herbal shampoo or just water if bathing to get rid of toxins. To me this is a personal choice. I personally didn't use a herbal shampoo because my only objective was to rinse off toxins, rather than clean.

I leave the use of herbal shampoos to times when my dogs are dirty. When I do wash the girls, I use a gentle herbal shampoos that contains herbs and quality ingredients. I definitely do not use shampoos that contain ingredients like propylene glycol, even if the label states it's herbal.

Additionally, enzymes are very helpful in all cases of detoxification. Since enzymes are involved with every action within the body, supplemental enzymes can help to take the stress of digestion off the body.

Supplemental enzymes help maximize digestion. This in turn will help combat putrefaction in the intestines thus helping to reduce body and breath odours along with the foul smelling aromatherapy (gas).

Also, if digestion is made easier by using supplemental enzymes, then the body needs to put less of its own enzymes into digestion. This in turn allows the body to create and use more metabolic enzymes to help with the healing of the body.

Furthermore, some pets, after having this new diet introduced will constantly vomit their food. This is a clear indication that their digestive system has been shut down by the store bought commercial pet food and/or cooked meat. In a case like this, using supplemental digestive enzymes will make an incredible difference. For this situation, I like to use a digestive enzyme that not only contains fungal (aspergilus) derived enzymes, but also pancreatic derived enzymes.

Detoxification is Hering's Law of Healing put into action. Hering's law of healing simply states that things get worse before they get better, things heal in reverse order, from top to bottom and from inside out.

However, please always remember, consult your holistic veterinarian if you feel something is wrong.

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