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Essential Fatty Acids

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For those that are not aware, essential fatty acids (EFA's) are getting a lot of attention and rightly so. This is because almost the whole human population is drastically deficient in these all too important nutrients. However, not only are humans deficient in these nutrients, but so are our pets.

These nutrients are called essential fatty acids because our body and our pet's body cannot create these nutrients within the body. These nutrients can only be obtained through food, thus it is essential the body eats foods containing these nutrients.

In days past when there were better agricultural and livestock feeding practices, our foods were higher in these essential fatty acids. For example, most cattle ate fresh greens; as a result, those cattle would have provided beef higher in essential fatty acids because fresh greens provide a decent source of one of the two essential fatty acids.

This is why I like free range eggs so much. The quality of the feed fed to the free range chickens has a dramatic effect on the nutrients in the eggs including the amount of EFA's.

Like with so many good supplements, essential fatty acids can really make a difference in helping to prevent and in helping to cure so many ailments, but once again, it is only part of the solution and not the solution itself. It is just that these nutrients are soooo essential that they cannot help but make a difference and make improvements.

The therapeutic benefits of essential fatty acids are enormous and too numerous to mention here. However, the importance of EFA's cannot be stressed enough and much of their work will be done silently without you realizing their benefits.

Nonetheless, all pets will benefit from EFA's especially those animals that are lethargic, overweight or underweight; have cancer, liver problems, allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol, hemorrhoids, poor blood circulation, cardiovascular disease, colon problems of all kinds, gastritis, ileitis (inflammation of the intestinal tract), foul smelling stools, breath or body odour; arthritis and other degenerative disease.

EFA's help bring oxygen to the body, increase the metabolic rate, strengthen the vital energy of the body, protect nerves and play a crucial role in healing and preventing of disease.

There are two essential fatty acids. They are known as linolenic (omega–3) and linoleic acid (omega–6).

Omega 3 is found in fewer foods than Omega 6. If you were to eat only one food to obtain these EFA's, then the best overall source and choice is hemp seed — although chia seeds are now popular too.

Too many pets, not to mention humans are lacking EFA's. Omega 6 (linoleic acid) is found abundantly in almost all fresh, raw and unprocessed nuts and seeds and is found in much smaller amounts in fresh, raw vegetables. Omega 3 (linolenic acid) is harder to find and is most abundant in fish.

Oils as an EFA supplement are wonderful as they are easy, quick and simple to use. In order to protect the essential fatty acids within the oils, they need to be cold processed, packaged in opaque bottles and they cannot be exposed to oxygen. Light, oxygen and heat destroy the benefits of EFA's.

Mother Nature naturally protects the essential fatty acids within the seeds as the seed's job is to protect the EFA's from heat, oxygen and light. Isn't Mother Nature naturally smart?

Give your pet some much needed EFA's. The energy gained along with all the wonderful and amazing benefits will definitely add spark to your pet's daily life guaranteed!

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