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Teething Pupplies

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Teething puppyThis is a favourite remedy of mine because it's fun!

As we all know, teething puppies can be quite destructive. Shoes, socks, clothing and everything else that is important to you are prime candidates for the mouth of a teething puppy — until now!

When the puppy begins to teethe, a simple remedy can help solve your problem. Further on in this book, you will see some dog biscuit recipes.

Use the third recipe called Katherine and Tamara DeBarnes Biscuit. Make the biscuits as outlined; however, after baking, let the biscuit cool. Once cool, stick the biscuit in the freezer over night.

The frozen biscuit, when given to your puppy as a treat, helps to numb any pain created from the teething and since spelt flour contains gluten, the biscuit then becomes chewable.

A teething puppy can spend hours chewing one of these biscuits. However, if you find that the spelt flour does not contain enough gluten to make the biscuit tough enough for your puppy's jaw, then exchange spelt flour with whole wheat flour for extra gluten.

This simple remedy using a dog biscuit recipe can help prevent damage to your valuable clothing in the early stages of puppyhood.

Another solution to help teething puppies or kittens is to go to your local health food store or a store that sells homeopathic remedies. There are now many homeopathic remedies available that are specifically designed to help with teething. Since homeopathic remedies have a slight sweetness to them, many pets will enjoy taking a homeopathic remedy for teething.

You can either give the homeopathic teething remedies to your puppy by hand or you can add some of the homeopathic pellets / tablets to the drinking water. The benefits of the teething remedy will then enter the water. When your puppy drinks, the remedy goes to work! If you have older dogs or cats in the house, then if they drink the water with the teething remedy in it, then that's okay. The remedy will have no affect on the older pets.

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