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Homeopathic First Aid

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Homeopathy is a wonderful way of helping the body to heal. Homeopathy is very complicated and people can study homeopathy for 10 years and still only know the basics.

Homeopathy can be used to really help improve one's health and from a personal standpoint, in 1996, when I was quite sick the only thing that helped me was a homeopathic remedy. I tried many different things and nothing helped, but with the help of a naturopath that was trained in homeopathy, I was able to discover a homeopathic remedy that literally reversed my condition and put me back on the road to health. Hard to believe, but all I did was suck on three small homeopathic pellets and let them dissolve in my mouth. I did this but once and the homeopathic remedy then triggered the naturally healing within. I did not take the homeopathic remedy again for another 3 months. Then every few months I again took the homeopathic remedy until it was no longer needed.

What I had discovered was my constitutional remedy. This is a homeopathic remedy that helps build and strengthen the constitution of the body. To discover one's constituational remedy, one needs the help of someone who has been professionally trained in homeopathy and then do what is called a homeopathic workup. A homeopathic workup is essentially a question and answer session with the homeopathic doctor. Very easy to do and in my opinion, everyone should do a homeopathic workup to help improve their health.

It is said that within every disease is the seed for its cure. Homeopathy harnesses this power and the effects, when the correct homeopathic remedy is found, can be quite amazing.

So this is how a homeopathic remedy can be used to improve one's health — or the health of their pet — but this method does require a trained homeopathic doctor.

On this page, the information is not about homeopathic remedies that can help cure particular health problems, but rather about homeopathic remedies that can be used for first aid purposes.

So let's begin — there are a two homeopathic remedies that you should always have in the house or on your travels.

These two remedies are Traumeel and Rescue Remedy. Both are very similar in what they do yet work a little differently.

Traumeel is a homeopathic remedy that helps with any type of trauma — physical or emotional. If your pet has a broken leg or a bruise, Traumeel can be given to help increase the speed of recovery or healing. If your pet is depressed, Traumeel can also be given. If the body is under any kind of shock or trauma, then Traumeel can be given also. When in doubt, Traumeel can be given. It covers a broad spectrum of problems and so since it is multi–purpose, it is good to have on hand.

Rescue Remedy is a Bach Flower Remedy which is used to help calm a pet or remove fears. A friend once told me about a bird her cat had caught. The cat, being generous, brought the bird into the house alive to share with my friend. Well, my friend didn't want to see the bird harmed, but obviously the bird was in shock while in the jaws of the cat. The cat dropped the bird and immediately my friend put a few drops of Rescue Remedy on the bird's beak. It perked up and then flew out the door. This is an example of how Rescue Remedy can help remove fears or help with shock. Rescue Remedy has a calming effect. If your pet is nervous about going to the vet or groomer, then Rescue Remedy can be given.

Generally speaking, what I do with Rescue Remedy is just put a few drops on the nose of the pet. The pet will then either smell the Rescue Remedy or lick it internally. Either way, the pet then gets the benefit of Rescue Remedy working inside.

With Traumeel, one can use Traumeel ointment topically or you can buy some Traumeel tablets and dissolve them in some water and then spoon it into the mouth. Traumeel now is also sometimes available in a tincture like form. If you buy this type then let the Traumeel sit on a spoon for 10 minutes so the alcohol dissipates. Of course, if it is an emergency then you will need to give immediately rather than waiting for the alcohol to dissipate.

Generally speaking, Traumeel is given 3 times per day to help with the healing. However, when something has just happened or when the healing is just starting, you can actually give more doses. In terms of using Traumeel tablets, what I have always done at the first sign of a problem is I would immediately take or give 4 tablets. This would kick start the healing process. Then while awake, I would give or take 1 tablet every hour for 2 days. Then after 2 days, I would simply give or take Traumeel 3 times per day. I would continue taking until the remedy was no longer needed.

When it comes to homeopathic remedies, including Traumeel, Rescue Remedy and the remedies listed on this page, they can be added to your pet's drinking water instead of being administered orally.

As for other homeopathic remedies, here are some other suggestions:


Let's face it, pets can be affected by the loss of their fellow furry friends. In situations like this, one can give the homeopathic remedy known as Ignatia Amara. Sometimes, this remedy is known as Iamara. This remedy can be given daily to help grieving pets. For general use, get Ignatia Amara 30ch. The 30ch refers to the potency of the remedy. It is best not to use anything higher than 30ch without the assistance of a trained professional. Give 3 pellets of Ignatia Amara 30ch once per day or add to the drinking water.

Heat Stress:

Some pets have big furry coats and live in a warm climate or have difficulties during the heat of the summer. In this situation the homeopathic remedy known as Glonoinum can help. Glonoinum helps to cool the body and while this remedy is safe to take without any guidance, I would suggest you do get guidance from a homeopathic doctor before using this remedy. While Glonoinum is very effective, getting the right potency makes a big difference. Only a trained homeopathic doctor can really help you with this. Many health food stores sell homeopathic remedies and some of the staff are trained in homeopathy. Of course you can simply contact a homeopathic doctor for more assistance.

Food Poisoning:

You just never know when this problem could happen. I personally keep the homeopathic remedy for food poisoning with me always. The homeopathic remedy to use is called Arsenicum Album or sometimes, this same remedy is referred to Metallum Album. Either way, you would want this remedy in potency 6x. You then give 3 pellets every hour while awake for 2 days, then after that, you give 3 pellets 3 times a day until the problem is gone. You can also use the 30ch potency and this remedy can also be added to the water. If using 30ch potency, then 3 pellets once per day is usually all that is needed.


Aconitum Napellus is a homeopathic remedy that is beneficial for shock. This is another remedy that you should consult with someone who is trained in homeopathy. The reason why is because different potencies can be given at different times. For example, there is one potency that can be given immediately to help a person that has just gone or recently went into shock. Then there are other potencies that can be given at different times.

Bug Bites:

Both Apis Mellifica 30ch and Ledum Palustre 30ch can be given to help bug bites. Simply give 3 pellets once per day. It's worth noting that Ledum Palustre can also be used for any puncture wound and is the homeopathic form of a tetanus shot. If you are wanting to learn how to use Ledum Palustre as an alternative to a tetanus shot then you should also consult a homeopathic doctor. These remedies can also be added to the drinking water.


There are numerous homeopathic remedies that can be used for eczema or similar skin problems. If your pet has eczema or a similar skin problem, then consider visiting your local health food store. Usually, health food stores carry blends of homeopathic remedies for various problems.


As with eczema, visit your local health food store to see which remedies they carry to help with teething.


Some say use homeopathic Causticum while others use homeopathic Thuja. You can try one and then the other to see which one works. I'd use the 30ch potency. You can give 3 pellets daily or add to the drinking water.

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