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Dangers of Vaccinations and Vaccination Ingredients

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Pets are, in my opinion, excessively vaccinated. In fact, I am not a very big fan of vaccinations at all and you probably wouldn't be either if you knew some of the ingredients used in vaccinations.

Vaccinations are a great tool for making money, but do they really work?

Whether or not vaccinations work is debatable. Those who promote and believe in vaccinations will say they work and are required while those like me, who take a holistic approach, will say that not only do vaccines not work but they can also cause potentially serious health problems. This debate will go on forever but for me, there is no debate — for me, I just cannot in good conscience give or take a vaccination ever again.

The side effects to a vaccine is referred to as vaccinosis. But here's the problem — let's say your dog is vaccinated for rabies. Two weeks after being vaccinated, your dog develops kidney related problems. You go back to your vet and say I think the kidney problems might be related to the vaccine. Your vet would then reply by saying something like this cannot be true because kidney problems have nothing to do with rabies.

So you see, those who do not see things holistically will say there is not a problem as a result of the vaccine because rabies and kidney problems are not connected. But when you take a look at the whole body, from a wholistic point of view, then you will begin to see how something like a vaccine can affect the whole body.

Anyone interested in learning about the history of vaccines is encouraged to read The Vaccination Connection by Sue Marston. It's a brilliant book — short but eye opening. There are of course many excellent books available at your local library or book store about vaccinations and you are encouraged to become a more informed pet guardian.

Before talking about some of the ingredients found in vaccinations, let's deal with a question that a lot of people ask which is...

If I don't vaccinate, what am I supposed to do to keep my pet from getting something like rabies?

Okay, this is a common question that really requires us to step back from the city or town we live in — and to think in terms of wilderness — in terms of nature and how does Mother Nature work?

Mother Nature, in her divine wisdom, has created a balance between hunter and prey. When there is not enough prey, the hunters starve. When there is more than enough prey, the hunters flourish.

There is always a perfect balance between hunter and prey to keep everything in harmony.

But let's say there is a forest fire and a lots of the prey are killed in the fire. The balance between hunter and prey then becomes out of balance and the hunters begin to starve!

There are now too many hunters and not enough prey and so Mother Nature created a virus called rabies. The rabies virus exists even in healthy canines! But when the body is healthy, the body is able to keep the rabies virus dormant and under control. But when the body becomes weak, in this situation, from a lack of nutrition and food then the rabies virus can break free and take control of the body.

At this point, the wolf or coyote may become rabid. But rabies is a self destroying disease. That is, ultimately the rabies kills the body and when the rabies kills the body, the rabies also kills itself.

This is Mother Nature's way of rebalancing the ratio between hunter and prey. As you've heard before, it's survival of the fittest and only the strong survive. So when there is a forest fire or a lack of prey for other reasons, the strong go on to survive as they are able to eat enough food to stay healthy. But the weak, they unfortunately begin to die.

In humans, we all have strep germ living inside our throat right now and when we are healthy and strong, our body is able to keep the strep germ under control just like a healthy canine's body can naturally controls rabies. We don't get strep throat until our body becomes tired or weak at which point our body is no longer able to contain the strep germ. So from a holistic point of view, if we as humans get strep throat we must ask ourself why? Upon closer inspection we will discover that our body is tired and weak which means to cure or prevent strep throat we must rebuild our vitality through rest, diet and natural remedies. In cases like strep throat, are antibiotics really the solution? From a homeopathic point of view, a homeopathic remedy such as the homeopathic nosode known as Streptococcinum may make a better, safer and more natural choice for reversing the strep throat.

What is a homeopathic nosode?

A homeopathic nosode is a homeopathic vaccine. Rather than being made from harmful ingredients, homeopathic nosodes are made in such a way that there is no harmful ingredients. It is said that within each disease lies the seed for its cure. So a homeopathic nosode, as with all homeopathic remedies, harness this very principle by taking the disease or disease causing ingredient itself and then diluting it to such a degree that you can no longer detect any trace of the original ingredient. Yet, although the homeopathic remedy is highly diluted and no measurable traces of the original ingredient remains, the energy of the original ingredient (which cannot be measured) does. It is this energy that helps stimulate the body into healing.

It is said that homeopathic remedies help from on an energetic level while herbal remedies work on a nutritional level.

Circa 1850's, there was an anthrax outbreak in Germany where all the sheep, shepherds and sheepdogs were infected by anthrax. Please remember, this is before modern medicine as we know it and this before a pharmaceutical anthrax vaccine was created.

Now interestingly enough, a German veterinarian who also studied and practiced homeopathy, created the homeopathic nosode for anthrax known as Anthracinum. Imagine this — this veterinarian took the anthrax virus, diluted it to make the homeopathic remedy for anthrax and then provided it to all of the sheep, shepherd and sheepdogs and they all survived!

What's amazing about all of this is that few people know this and yet you would think it should be widely known, so why isn't it? Because homeopathic remedies cannot be patented, they are cheap and there is not as much profit in selling them when compared to a pharmaceutical product. Sad to say, there is more profit in pharmaceutical vaccines because they can be patented yet their effectiveness can be questioned along with their safety.

Years ago, after the tragic events of September 11, there was a huge concern about anthrax attacks. There was huge concerns about not having enough anthrax vaccines available, the cost of producing the anthrax vaccine, the efficacy and safety too. Yet, in the 1800's, a German veterinarian created a cure for anthrax which has been forgotten in today's world.

But going back to the original question, if I don't vaccinate, how do I protect my pet from disease?

Well, as illustrated in the rabies example, your best defense and your best vaccination is a healthy and strong body which is created through wholesome and healthy foods!

So why not give a homeopathic nosode instead of a pharmaceutical vaccine if they help cure such diseases?

Well, there are two thoughts on this — those that say that giving a homeopathic nosode is a good idea to help prevent the disease and those that say no homeopathic nosode is required until the body actually had a problem.

Myself, I don't take a remedy unless it's required and so I personally won't give a homeopathic nosode unless needed but this is something you can discuss with your homeopathic vet.

Whether or not you give a vaccination to your pet is your choice. It's a personal choice and you must do what makes sense to you. But before giving a vaccination to your pet, I would encourage you to do more research to learn about the potential risks involved, the potential side effects and also the ingredients. There are many books and lots of information on the Internet regarding vaccinations.

What follows is a brief introduction to the ingredients used in vaccination. If you don't already know this, then the following information may shock you.

Vaccination Ingredients:

Vaccinations can contain numerous poisons which can affect the health of your body. Just stop and think for a moment — if I say to you the word mercury, what do you think about?

Mercury is extremely poisonous and in fact is the second most poisonous element known to man next to uranium and its derivatives. Mercury can make you go insane. In fact, the term mad hatter, which you might know from Disney stories, refers to the people who used to make hats way back when. In olden days, mercury was used in the creation of hats because the mercury is beneficial in keeping the hat in its proper shape. But the people who made the hats were exposed to so much mercury that they became known as mad hatters as they went insane from mercury exposure. In today's modern world, it's a known fact that dentists have the highest rate of suicide amongst professionals due to their constant exposure to mercury.

So if mercury is poisonous, what on earth is it doing in vaccinations? Good question and the same can be asked about the following vaccination ingredients:


Linked to such health problems as Alzheimer's Disease, aluminum is something you want to avoid. Many humans unknowingly absorb aluminum daily due to the fact they use an anti–perspirant which contains aluminum. Additionally, many white fillings you get from your dentist contain aluminum. The aluminum is added to the white filling to help the filling show up in an x–ray better, but a biological dentist will use a white filling that does not contain aluminum (just a little bit of bonus information for your own health).

The problem with aluminum in vaccinations is the amount used especially when combined with other daily exposures to aluminum.


Formalin is a solution of gaseous formaldehyde which can be found in vaccinations. Formaldehyde itself has been designated as toxic waste and as a toxic substance that can damage the nerves, the liver and the kidneys — and now you know why, a pet that gets vaccinated and then later has kidney damage may in fact be suffering from vaccinosis (the side effects to vaccines).

There are numerous other potential side effects ranging from eczema, to difficulty in swallowing, swollen glands, vomiting blood, vertigo, depression and so much more that I won't provide the whole list.

Formaldehyde is an embalming agent that is carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Formaldehyde is used in vaccines as a tissue fixative.


I've already talked about mercury briefly. In vaccines, mercury may be listed on the label as thimerosal which contains mercury. The problem with mercury, along with other heavy metals, is that it does not leave the body easily. This is why many people use chelation therapy today to help remove heavy metals from their body while others get their mercury dentals filling replaced with non–toxic white fillings.

For our pets, along with ourselves, we can help eliminate heavy metals such as mercury by taking supplemental chlorella which is known to bind with heavy metals to help eliminate them from our body. Mercury is eliminated primarily through the stools and you need to take a good amount of chlorella to have this effect. But not everyone can handle chlorella because of gastro–intestinal problems.

Since chlorella can help remove heavy metals, it's also important to note that chlorella can also contain too many heavy metals in nature too. So when buying a chlorella supplement, you want a good quality supplement to ensure it does not have mercury already in it.

Another option is an oral chelation supplement rather than the intravenous type.

Mercury is used in vaccines as a preservative.

Here are some other ingredients used:

  • aluminum sulphate
  • sodium phosphate
  • phenols
  • fecal matter
  • pus from sores of diseased animals
  • urine
  • animal organ tissue and blood

When it comes to vaccinations, as with other aspects of health and well being, make an informed and educated decision as it is not only in your interest, but in the interest of your pet too.

As pet guardians, it is our duty and responsibility to make wise and educated decisions.


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