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Health is a journey, not a destination — Deepak Chopra

Pets Need Wholesome Food Also is a book that is based on the author's experience making homemade pet foodThis book and web site is based on the experience and information gathered by the author (that would be me, Jesse).

Since each dog and/or cat is an individual and every situation is unique, you are encouraged to check with a qualified veterinarian before implementing any of the directions and/or suggestions given within this book where there is any question to its suitability.

The purpose of this book is not to advocate any one method of feeding your dog or cat (although my preference is obviously a raw meat diet).

Dog and cat guardians should consult with a good veterinarian or other qualified health professional with their questions and concerns about raw food diets.

There are many different methods and ways of feeding a dog or cat, and you may wish to seek those alternatives. The information contained within this book is educational in nature and not to be used as specific veterinary advice for your animal, whether it be allopathic or holistic.

Although the information contained within this book is holistic in nature, there are many different ways and methods of healing, and you should seek the method that best suits you.

Regardless of your feeding method or health approach, I strongly suggest that you immediately get professional advice from your holistic or allopathic veterinarian at the first sign of any problem.

Feeding a homemade diet means you care for your pet and are willing to take the little time needed to feed a more wholesome meal. Any benefits gained as a result of homemade foods are just that, benefits.

We all know that the healthier we eat, the healthier we are, but please remember there is always a possibility, as with any food fed, of a problem occurring. Feeding homemade foods allows you the opportunity to become an active participant in your pet's health.

The information within this book provides general feeding information. To learn the specific requirements of your pet(s), you are encouraged to talk to a qualified veterinarian.

I Know That Was Boring To Read

I know that was boring to read, but I do promise it gets better. A lawyer once told me to say the above and well, I decided to take his advice.

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source: FOOD by Susan Powter

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My videos are meant to take you on a journey of thoughts to help maximize the clarity of your own thoughts and approach to how you care for and love your pets.

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