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Day 52 — He Smelled Like Death

Throughout the duration of The Sick Pet Project, Jumbo the sick Chihuahua, was fed based on my method of feeding. The primary meats fed were beef and chicken. The supplements used were EggShellent Calcium, FloraZyme LP, Pet GO, Rena GO, Thyro GO and Trace AniMinerals.

Jumbo smelled like death — that's how the owner described Jumbo when I asked how he was doing.

When I asked further, the owner explained to me that when she came home in the afternoon, Jumbo began oozing junk out of his body, mostly around the base of the spine but in other areas of his skin too. She showed me where a lot of the fluid that came out of his body was on the sofa and it sure smelled bad — worse than a skunk. In fact, when I smelled Jumbo, he sure smelled bad but apparently not as bad as when the fluid was leaving his body.

I've heard of humans before that detoxify and smell like death, but this is the first time I have ever experienced it first hand, even though I didn't witness it myself directly. I am not sure if this has to do with the new supplements I added yesterday or not. Either way, it's a good thing I got the friendly bacteria supplement because his body is obviously loaded with bad bacteria thus the reason why he smelled like death. Obviously, Jumbo had so much bad bacteria and putrefaction within his body that he smelled like a rotting corpse.

Ironically, although he may have smelled like death, it actually means he is alive and strong enough to eliminate the poisons from his body.

When I took on The Sick Pet Project I never knew or suspected that Jumbo was so sick and was going to be such an example of the healing process. I didn't want to really use anything other than the basic supplements and the raw meat diet, but doing so wouldn't be fair to Jumbo because his body really needs extra help.

After watching Jumbo for a while, I could see small amounts of fluid coming out of his tail. He's a little cold and shivering, but other than that, he is actually looking pretty good although he still has some sores that are a concern, especially on his paws. He is also rubbing his face quite a bit due to toxins coming out and so his face has some scrapes on it. I suspect that Jumbo has stuff in his ears that wants to come out also because he was shaking his head quite a bit. When you look in the ears, it's not a pretty sight but I won't give an herbal ear oil yet. I will wait a little bit before doing this so Jumbo is not cleaning from too many locations at the same time.

At dinner, Jumbo ate a good meal and ate all of his nutritional supplements too. In the past, it was as if he could smell the supplements or remedies and wouldn't eat them. But now, I add the supplements to the meat about 1 to 2 hours prior to feeding so the aromas dissipate a little. As a result, Jumbo got another good dose of friendly bacteria tonight along with everything else, and most important of all, his kidney remedy.

Let's wait and see how Jumbo responds tomorrow and to see what happens because the owner actually thought Jumbo was dead today based on the smell. But I have a feeling that he will be more alive than ever in due course because once he is stronger, he will look better, feel better and have more energy.

Jumbo's urine was still quite concentrated and I was able to take a picture of it today.

Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project

Day 53 — My Goodness, He Still Smells Bad!

I visited Jumbo at about noon to see how he was doing. He was lethargic and still smelled really quite awful. His body was still oozing slightly from the skin around the base of the tail and up the back a little. I asked the owner if Jumbo had a bowel movement or if he has urinated yet today and she said no. So I asked if we could take him outside.

He's quite frail and so he needs help getting down from the sofa. But as we picked him up, there were some bloodstains. When he shook his body, some blood came off and splattered places. When we put him on the floor, some blood was dripping off his body and it seems there was some blood on his paws too. But it wasn't a constant flow and soon it just stopped with no more bloody footprints or blood droppings. I suspect that because his paws are swollen and because he has been chewing them a little, the wounds on his feet are dropping some blood. At the same time, he's been scratching the side of his face and so when he shakes his head, some blood goes flying.

From the base of the tail and up the spine a little, there was also some blood and something else oozing out of his body. Not as bad as yesterday, but he is still cleansing and as mentioned, he reeks of a bad odor. Nonetheless, he walked to the door and went outside. He was a little stiff at first and it seemed like arthritis but once he got moving, his nose went to the ground, his tail went in the air and he found the place where he wanted to urinate. Then he looked for a place to have a bowel movement. His urine was long and concentrated whereas his bowel movement was strained and difficult. He was definitely slightly constipated even though some feces did come out, just not a lot.

At his mealtime, I gave Jumbo the option of choosing between beef and chicken. Since he ate the beef first and the chicken second (and I must say, he ate the chicken quite happily too), but since he ate the beef first, that's what I fed him. For the last week or so, I have only been feeding him beef because the owner fears Jumbo will get allergic reactions from chicken. This is because she was told that chicken was not good for him. Of course, there is a difference between raw chicken and cooked chicken, but to calm the owner I have just been feeding beef. But since variety is important, I gave Jumbo the chance to choose what he wanted to eat tonight. So tonight, he ate a good amount of beef. Although eating a good amount, he has still lost weight indicating his body is still under a lot of stress and really quite sick.

Although I didn't look at his eyes today, the owner said some more fluid or puss is on his eyes like before. Hopefully the herbal eye remedy I am now giving him is helping his eyes detoxify more efficiently. Tomorrow is another day and as with every day before this, I am still hoping that Jumbo's body decides that the major detoxification is now finished. But I suspect that we have a month or so of healing still to come due to the fact that Jumbo is obviously quite sick. I really thought this was going to be a 1–month project. I sure got a lot more than I asked for; however, it's actually a positive experience because now I am able to help a dog that is really sick get healthy — which is even more rewarding.

While this experience is rewarding, Jumbo's actual underlying health problems are still a mystery.

Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project

Day 54 — All Things Considered

All things considered, Jumbo seemed better today. He is still underweight, still lethargic, still smells and still has some wounds — but his skin is looking clearer and healthier. His urine today was more normal rather than concentrated. I am not sure if he had a bowel movement or not because we can't always watch him. More than actually knowing if he had a bowel movement or not, what I would like to know is whether or not he is straining while trying to have a bowel movement.

Although today was a good day, I know that tomorrow might be a bad day. This is because as a sick dog he is going to have more bad days than good. But, hopefully soon there will be more good days than bad days. The reality is that for the last 6 weeks or so, each day has been a bad day for Jumbo. When I say bad, I don't mean bad in a negative way, but rather a positive way. Bad in the sense that his body has been detoxifying quite strongly, which of course, is a positive because the body must detoxify and must clean itself in order for health to be restored.

It will be great when Jumbo is alert, active, barking, etc while still detoxifying. Hopefully, with the sign of more normal urine today, the major detoxification process is nearing a close and good health will be obtained.

Day 55 — Two Meals Per Day

When I first began feeding Jumbo the raw meat diet, he only wanted one meal per day. If I tried to feed him two meals, he simply would not eat the second meal. However, I've recently begun to suspect, that due to his weight loss, that he might need two meals per day. So today, I tried feeding him twice and sure enough, he ate at both meals. He ate two good meals and his stomach was nice and plump. So for the next little while, I will feed him 2 meals per day.

Normally I don't like to feed two meals per day because when a carnivore eats his meal, he eats so much that it is enough to satisfy his body for the next 24 hours. At the same time, when you feed one meal per day, then it gives the organs of elimination a lot of time to do their job. You see, digestion always takes priority in the body. So if you feed food, then digestion takes the priority before the organs of elimination can do their job. So if you feed 2 meals per day to an adult or mature dog or cat, then their organs cannot fully detoxify their body. But in Jumbo's case, his body is thin and weak and so possibly, his body needs the extra nutrition right now. In the future, when he is not interested in two meals per day, then I will just feed him one meal per day again.

Beyond all of this, relatively speaking, he is looking better again today. A lot of scabs are in the process of falling off, the number of wounds compared to before is dramatically down with no new wounds appearing. He still smells quite bad but he is looking more alive.

We've noticed a few bugs on his skin, mostly around the ears. It appears he has some lice or tick like creatures that are normally found on goats, cows and carabao (a native animal used to plough the rice fields in the Philippines). Anyway, one bug was quite big and then later another one came off his ear.

Jumbo did have a bowel movement today, although I didn't see it. I am therefore not sure if he had to strain, how much came out, whether or not there was any mucous, etc. He also urinated but I am not sure how concentrated the urine was. Regardless, physically he is looking better but he still smells, just not as bad as before.

Day 56 — An Interesting Day

Yesterday, I fed Jumbo twice and he ate those two meals eagerly. Today, I fed Jumbo chicken at about noon and he ate a lot, perhaps about 300 grams. Then at about 9 pm, I offered Jumbo some beef and he did not want it. So today, Jumbo only ate one meal, which was a great sign.

Jumbo ate a lot and when I just saw him a few minutes ago at 9 PM, he stomach was still big from his lunch. Things are definitely getting better, slowly but surely.

There is still some slight swelling in his legs but I am wondering if that is from a lack of movement and always laying down. Either way, his urine was not concentrated today, a good sign. Plus he had a bowel movement. No new sores on his body. He's looking good. Things are getting better and I hope it stays that way.

Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project

Day 57 — Things Are Looking Up!

Things are apparently looking up. Jumbo's urine is normal again for about the third day in a row, his skin is healing, less swelling and he has more energy although he still rests a lot. But the lethargy looks like it is nearing its end.

His appetite is good and he only wants one meal a day. The secret to having him eat a lot right now is to feed him chicken right now — he loves eating chicken. He eats beef, but definitely prefers chicken.

He is definitely constipated now. He has a bowel movement, but the stools are shaped like pellets rather than a sausage. Some mucous came out on the stools too. If he is still constipated tomorrow then I might give him a colon cleanser, but I am hesitant to do so because I might give too much and then it will be worse.

Later in the evening, when the owner came home, Jumbo was excited, or at least showed some excitement about her arrival. He then walked around for a bit. He's looking better. The major detoxification appears to be finished but I need a few more days like this before I will be sure.

Day 58 — Jumbo Is Definitely Improving

Jumbo is definitely improving. His urine is normal again today. He has slightly more energy and in fact, even played a small amount today. His eyes will probably still detoxify some more as there is still some mucous on his eyes and there is still slight swelling, but he is definitely in better spirits.

He ate less today and wouldn't eat any of the meat with the herbal remedies. No problem though because he still eats the meat with all of the pet supplements.

The owner is quite happy. It's been a long healing process, but finally it's like there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, I still wonder, what was wrong with Jumbo internally to cause such a massive detoxification? Although Jumbo is getting better, there is still much healing to be done.

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