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Day 71 — It's Mating Season

Throughout the duration of The Sick Pet Project, Jumbo the sick Chihuahua, was fed based on my method of feeding. The primary meats fed were beef and chicken. The supplements used were EggShellent Calcium, FloraZyme LP, Pet GO, Rena GO, Thyro GO and Trace AniMinerals.

Jumbo ate a small but fast meal fast today. Although it was small, it was probably the right size for him. It's not that he didn't eat; I think he just doesn't need as much right now as he is obviously getting better.

I watched him have a bowel movement today and his stools were normal, although there was slight straining but not a lot. Nonetheless, I might give him a laxative tomorrow just to help keep him cleansing. Jumbo has more energy and strength, this is for sure because not only can he jump up a step now (which he could not do for the longest time while he was detoxifying) but he also mated with his girlfriend today.

Most of the scabs are off Jumbo's body now because the owner gave him a bath. During the bath, most of the scabs just came off easily. You can see more muscle going back to Jumbo's body.

Day 73 — Twice In One Day

Jumbo must be feeling better because he mated with his girlfriend twice yesterday and twice again today. No wonder he ate a big meal today.

Day 75 — No Food Today

Jumbo has been feeling quite well especially considering how often he is mating with his girlfriend. Even today, he mated yet again. But he didn't want to eat any food today. The last few days he has been eating a ton of food and so it seems he decided not to eat — that's okay because it was his choice not to eat. However, I suspect he may also be choosing not to eat because the owners also feed their other dogs rice, a common mistake amongst those living in Asia and even in western countries. Anyway, it's possible that Jumbo has eaten some rice and so he may not be totally hungry. But he has also eaten quite a bit of food recently and so for some reason, he just decided not to eat today.

Day 76 — Do You See What Happens

Jumbo decided he wanted to mate, yet again, today — see what happens when you feed your pets a wholesome raw meat diet! They get so much strength that they spend all their time mating!

Although Jumbo has been mating quite a bit and obviously getting better, Jumbo's left hind knee was slightly inflamed. Additionally, he also had a slight wound appearing. Realizing that constipation is the underlying issue where all of Jumbo's health problem begun, I decided to give him a laxative tonight. I figure he might need another good cleanse to help flush out more toxins. In giving him the laxative, I hope that the inflamed leg will go back to normal and that the wound will go away.

Day 81 — Active, Energetic and Handsome

Jumbo is active, energetic and handsome — well, I wouldn't say he is a handsome Chihuahua yet, but he's getting there. Although his skin is scarred from previous health problems, he is looking better than before. His eyes are still not 100% clear but every day they get a little better. His body has not gone through a major detox now for a while. Things continue to look good.

Day 84 — A New Beginning

It's day 84 now, almost 3 months since The Sick Pet Project and we are now at the point where Jumbo has a new lease on life. It's a new beginning for Jumbo. Now don't get me wrong, Jumbo is still not at optimal health — but he's getting there.

Jumbo runs, plays, barks and has a great appetite. Although the detoxification experience left Jumbo with less hair than before I began feeding Jumbo a wholesome raw meat diet, I can now see small hairs growing on his body.

Although Jumbo is bald, it will be interesting to see just how much hair grows back.

The pictures below show just how far Jumbo has come in the healing process. A new beginning indeed!

Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project

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