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Day 46 — Eye Witness Healing

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Throughout the duration of The Sick Pet Project, Jumbo the sick Chihuahua, was fed based on my method of feeding. The primary meats fed were beef and chicken. The supplements used were EggShellent Calcium, FloraZyme LP, Pet GO, Rena GO, Thyro GO and Trace AniMinerals.

An absolutely amazing day of eye witness healing. Okay, here's the thing, I have to admit I thought Jumbo had cataracts. His eyes were cloudy and everything suggested he had cataracts — I've seen cataracts before and it looked like Jumbo definitely had cataracts. Yet today, immediately after feeding Jumbo his dinner, his eyes began to water, but not tears. Instead, a white fluid began to emerge from his eyes. As the white fluid came out, his eyes also became immediately clearer. In fact, while feeding Jumbo his diet I was talking to the owner about how his eyes appeared clearer as I could now easily see his pupils. They were not 100% clear, but a whole lot clearer than before. It was just interesting how, as we were talking about his eyes, the fluid began to come out of his eyes. Thankfully I was able to take a picture of his eyes as they were draining.

Beyond all of this, Jumbo was still lethargic today yet still had a good appetite. There are still about two wounds on his body that need healing. One wound is on his right front leg and there is another wound near the base of his tail. His chest no longer has wounds and the scabs on his face are starting to fall off. Jumbo really stunk today as the toxins are obviously still leaving his body. Once that smell goes away completely, it will help to indicate that he has finished yet another major part of his detox — the smell originating from so much bad bacteria in his body and food that begun to putrefy and rot within him.

I am hopeful now, after seeing what happened today, that Jumbo will have clear eyesight once his eyes finish detoxifying.

Jumbo continues to loose more weight. He's really thin. But I am not worried about this — when I was sick in 1996, I too lost a lot of weight yet as my body recovered, the weight came back. The same will happen for Jumbo.

When looking at the pictures below, pay close attention to his eyes. There you will see the white fluid coming out of his eyes like tears.

Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project Jumbo — the participant in the Sick Pet Project

Day 47 — Can We Say Constipated?

Jumbo is constipated today — when the body is detoxifying it is not uncommon for the body to either have loose stools or constipation. To this point, Jumbo has not had loose stools, but he is now experiencing constipation. He's trying to have a bowel movement, but no luck.

While he was walking around to try to have a bowel movement, you could really see his weight loss. Yet, his skin is looking better. He still has some sores, but he is looking better. The urine is still very concentrated and he still smells quite bad too.

This is the first day that Jumbo did not want to eat any food at all, with or without supplements. A further sign his body wants to put more energy into healing and less energy into digestion.

His eyes are a little cloudy again but nowhere near as cloudy as before. I suspect that his eyes will rid themselves of more toxins soon just as they did yesterday. In fact, Jumbo is often rubbing his eyes on a pillow. So we may never see the fluid leave his eyes again because when he starts to feel the fluid leaving his eyes, he rubs his face in the pillow!

Jumbo is also shivering a little — he's actually been shivering most of the past 2 weeks or so while he has been detoxifying but today it's a little worse. The weather has been a little bit cooler but he is obviously shivering because he is detoxifying.

Day 48 — Can We Say Still Constipated?

Jumbo is still constipated and we tried feeding him food in the morning since he did not eat last night, but he was not interested. However, at night, he did eat a decent meal. He seems to have lost even more weight. The weight is dropping quite fast now. Although he has lost weight, the skin is healing over quite well.

His eyes are slightly cloudy again and his left eye has a white patch on it — as if someone stuck some mucous on his eye. It's probably safe to assume that he is going to detoxify through the eyes again but I don't know when.

His urine is extremely concentrated still, he still smells really bad, but he's doing well. I actually thought he was going to not eat for a few days and so the fact he ate tonight surprised me a little. It's been about 36 hours now since his last bowel movement. Hopefully his constipation will end tomorrow and hopefully this detox will also end soon. This is the longest detox I have ever witnessed.

Day 48 — Maybe, Maybe Not

We don't know for sure, but we suspect Jumbo had a bowel movement. No–one saw him do anything but there was a period when he was outside alone. Since he no longer has an urgent need to go, we just suspect he already did. Either way, he's doing fine. His appetite was good and while still thin and obviously weak, he's fighting and fighting well.

Day 50 — Ay Carumba! More Weight Loss

Jumbo is already super skinny yet he has lost even more weight today. I am wondering now, just how sick is Jumbo?

He's gone through a lot, far more than I had ever expected. The degree to which is detoxifying is far beyond that of a normal detox suggesting to me that there is some serious underlying health problem. Of course we will never know, but perhaps cancer was in his body after all? Who knows?

Anyway, his eyes are clear today — no more white cloudy substance. You can actually see his eyes. He's quite lethargic, essentially listless today. He needs help to get onto the couch as he is too weak to jump now. Clearly his body is struggling and going through a lot. Realizing this, I am going to get some probiotics (friendly bacteria) for him soon and add that to his diet.

Although weak, he did go outside for a little bit today. According to the owner, Jumbo did have a bowel movement, most likely a little loose because he either stepped in his own feces or it covered his feet while having a bowel movement. Either way, it sounds like Jumbo is now cleansing through the bowels.

Jumbo does have some new wounds on the soles of his feet and near his hind legs. He walks with a limp and it is obviously sore. But saying that, there are a lot less sores now than before and in fact, all major ones have healed over. Although he is weak and thin, he has more hair now than before — a good sign.

Today Jumbo also had fast and shallow breathing for about 5 minutes — as if he is struggling for air or going into shock. There is some swelling on his front paws. The actual legs are no longer swollen though. There is some more mucous appearing on his eyes.

The good news is that his urine is not as concentrated today yet he is still very lethargic.

We applied some aloe vera gel in addition to the tamanu oil to help soothe and heal the skin. We didn't add too much aloe vera gel because he's a small dog and if he licks the aloe vera gel internally, then he might have loose bowel movements. Nonetheless, we applied the aloe vera gel to his head and most of his body. We simply applied thinner amounts where he might lick while more easily while applying more generous amounts on the head and ears.

His appetite was good tonight. In fact, in the last 2 days he has eaten almost .5 kg or 1 lbs. More was eaten tonight than last night.

Jumbo is no longer shivering. I can't remember how long he has been shivering for now, but it seems like weeks. Anyway, no shivering today. For the most part, Jumbo only got up this morning to urinate, other than that, no interest in moving and he is too weak to jump on or off the couch right now. His water intake is good but not as much as before. I suspect Jumbo will be feeling more alive in the coming days, at least I hope so.

Day 51 — Panting

Jumbo had a good bowel movement in the morning but has been panting and seems a little hot. Yesterday, the owner told me that Jumbo had shallow and quick breathing. Now I realize she meant he was panting. I am not sure what is going on with Jumbo.

There is a wound on the sole of the bottom right foot. The wound is actually quite deep and goes complete under the pad — I can feel his pain and discomfort when I look at this wound. I wasn't aware of this wound before until I saw it clearly today. It is quite deep, going almost from the sole or pad to the top of the foot. Thankfully, this wound is closing over and seemingly doing okay.

His front legs are swollen again today and slightly purple. His skin is looking better though with much of his skin healing now — there are; however, still plenty of scabs.

In the morning the owner said all she could see was the whites of Jumbo's eyes but when I saw him, his eyes were okay. I am not sure why only the whites of his eyes were showing, but that's what happened.

Today Jumbo was moving and lifting his head, even while panting. The reason why I mention this is because for the past several days, Jumbo has not wanted to lift his head.

When Jumbo did have his bowel movements in the morning, he had 2 of them — both bowels movements required him to strain a little but not a lot. Since his second bowel movement was about 2 minutes after the first, I think he is doing okay. The stools did have some mucous on them, but not a lot and his stools were a good size indeed.

His urine was quite concentrated today also. Realizing how much is happening to Jumbo, I decided today that Jumbo might benefit from some additional friendly bacteria and so I bought a friendly bacteria supplement for him. While the FloraZyme LP does contain some probiotics in it, I just think Jumbo might need some more — plus I added some eyebright to his food to help his eyes heal or detoxify more easily. The remedy I got for his eyes also contains some bilberry to improve eyesight and some gingko to improve the blood circulation. He doesn't really need the bilberry, although it won't hurt, but the gingko will probably help him some too. I also bought him a herbal heart remedy that contains hawthorn. I am just hoping that the extra assistance does him good. So Jumbo is now getting Pet GO, Thyro GO, Trace AniMinerals, EggShellent Calcium, aloe vera, bentonite clay, essential fatty acids, probiotics, heart remedy and an eye remedy.

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