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Oil of Tamanu — Tahitian Remedy

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July, 1996, was the month when I began recovering from an unknown illness due to the help of a gentle homeopathic remedy. But before the healing really began, I had ordered some oil of tamanu from Tahiti which I found after doing extensive research on the Internet. Due to my illness, I had incredibly swollen ankles which were in a lot of pain at night when my bed sheets covered my feet. I remembered reading that the oil of tamanu could be used to remove pain. So I applied some to my ankes and sure enough, the pain went away for several hours allowing me to sleep. Since then, I have been a loyal user of tamanu oil.

You can download a PDF document about Oil of Tamanu also.

World wide, ancient cultures have discovered natural remedies from the materials available to them. The Tahitians are no different. Since Tahiti's earliest days, the oil that is extracted from the nut of the sacred Tamanu tree has been used for its wonderful curative and regenerative properties of the skin.

The sacred oil of Tamanu has a rich and long history, but earlier this century in 1918, French Pharmacopoeia found the oil so powerful in its curative properties that they conducted research and clinical testing topically, orally, and by injection.

In 1928, Sister Marie–Suzanne, a missionary of the the Society of Mary, tested Tamanu's medicinal properties. She used it effectively to treat leprosy and discovered in 1934 that it had analgesic (a substance that relieves pain) along with sedative properties.

More recently in 1988, the Bora Bora Oil Company along with Pacific Natural Resources Laboratories in Tahiti conducted research that would eventually prove the medicinal value of the Tamanu oil.

Using the ancient ancestral traditions and harvesting wisdom of the Tahitians, Bora Bora Oil Company used modern technology and created a cold pressed process for extracting the oil of Tamanu. This allows us to use the oil without having any chemical additives in it.

Although originally used for the benefit of humans, the Tahitians along with the Polynesians of other South Pacific islands, have also been using the oil of Tamanu for the benefit of dogs and cats.

The benefits of this oil appear endless. It is ideally used for isolated treatment. It is non–toxic and in fact has a unique taste.

The aroma of the oil will not bother any dog or cat. In fact, my dogs, when given a chance will stick their nose at the top of the bottle and begin sniffing. The oil is non greasy and readily absorbed.

At first, it may be necessary to apply the oil a few times a day and then reduce the number of applications as the problem begins to heal.

Since the oil is so effective, a little goes a long way. However, to ensure maximum use of the oil, the bottle comes with a handy little trigger that allows you to squirt the oil directly where it is needed. Once applied, massage in.

Imported from Tahiti, the oil of tamanu has numerous benefits and applications. The ability of this Tahitian remedy to heal the skin surpasses that of many other remedies.

Essentially, the oil of Tamanu has remarkable regenerative and curative properties. Plus, the oil has a wide spectrum of uses and benefits. Therefore, the oil of tamanu may be applied to just about any skin problem, but here are some more specific uses.

Dogs and cats may find this ancient Tahitian remedy beneficial when an itch arises behind the ears, on areas of the face, the chest, the stomach, the paws, and around the base of the tail. These are all areas where allergies tend to create the most disturbance.

Lick granulomas, hot spots, skin irritations caused by allergies, cuts, sores, burns of diverse origin, wounds, chemical burns, dermatitis, insect bites, fleas, bruises, abrasions, warts, razor or clipper burns; welts, poison ivy, eczema, sunburn, excessive scratching, chewing or licking; in areas of loss of hair, ulcerated skin lesions, fissures, ulcers, skin grafts, post surgical wounds, chapped paws or skin; scabs, breast cracks, chilblain (an inflammatory swelling or sore caused by exposure to cold), vaginitis, scars, acne, diabetic sores, preventing skin eruptions, radiodermatitis (ulcerations due to X–rays), tissue and skin regeneration; blisters, calming the pain of wounds (although when used for this purpose it may cause a slight itch) are just some of the many and amazing benefits of this Tahitian remedy.

One of the many possible reasons for such incredible results is the fact that the Tamanu oil can reach all three layers of the skin: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

The Tamanu nut, from which oil of tamanu is made, can only be harvested once per year. Once the nut is harvested, it must be allowed to dry in the sun for two months. After this process has been successfully completed, the oil can be extracted.

Along with the above mentioned benefits, this Tahitian remedy has been used as a natural antibiotic. In 1953, Professor Ledener isolated something called lactone in the oil of Tamanu. This is the source of this natural antibiotic property.

Another component in the oil of Tamanu is Calophyllic acid. This acid is said to be source of the oil's ability to heal scars. Some people have noticed significant healing of wounds in as little as five or six applications. The Calophyllic acid helps to regenerate the skin. Of course, since each pet is different, this degree of success may vary.

Pain in the hips, buttocks, lower back, back of the thighs, and adjacent parts is referred to as sciatica. This pain or discomfort is said to be helped by the oil of Tamanu. Neuritis and rheumantism are also said to be aided by this oil.

Since this Tahitian remedy has been used for centuries by the Polynesians for helping heal sunburns and to help heal wounds, you will probably find the oil very helpful in the healing process of post surgical wounds. After such surgeries as a spay, neuter, biopsy or any other instance where stitches are present, the use of oil of tamanu can help heal the wound.

Other uses of the oil include being used as a natural anti–inflammatory when applied topically. In addition, it's analgesic properties helps get rid of pain incredibly fast. This anti–inflammatory/analgesic combination may prove beneficial in cases where a dog or cat has pulled a muscle, ligament or has managed to sprain an ankle or other part of its body.

Although a little more expensive than arnica ointment, a homeopathic remedy that can also be used for treating inflammation, this Tahitian remedy is reputed to be better in my opinion.

With all of its wonderful and complimentary benefits; and the oil's ancient history, it's easy to understand why the oil of tamanu is the preferred choice of Polynesians all throughout the South Pacific.

In the past, this Tahitian remedy was given to newlyweds for its ability as an all purpose skin remedy. And now, what can I say, skin care has gone to the dogs (and cats) !!!

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