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Pet Allergies — Are Pet Allergies Curable?

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Clients often say that their pets have allergies which they believe to be incurable. This is a terrible misconception and is perpetuated by conventional veterinarians. A holistic view of allergies is not so grim. A similar description of this problem was given at a CONVENTIONAL veterinary conference. (Maybe they are catching on!) An immune system has many jobs. Not unlike the rest of us, if it is continuously challenged with more than it is capable of doing, it becomes irritable. Much as an overworked person may overreact to a minor annoyance (e.g. burnt dinner), an irritable immune system may overreact to a minor irritation (e.g. a flea bite). This is an allergy.

The answer is NOT to use pesticides or drugs, further burdening the immune system. The answer is to remove the extraordinary demands allowing the immune system to calm down. Poorly digested foods, chemicals in the diet, on the skin and in the environment, drugs and vaccines are all immune stressors. Emotional upset and electrical fields have adverse effects on the immune system. Conventional therapy includes elimination diets, antigen shots, flea control and symptomatic therapy with drugs, shampoos, etc. None deals with the underlying problem. Elimination diets are the least harmful. Yet, they are hard to digest and with time, many pets become allergic to them. The other treatments add to the immune burden. Most animals subjected to such therapies develop more serious problems. If the symptoms are different, the veterinarian will diagnose a different disease instead of a progression of the pre–existing immune disorder.

A holistic vet recognizes a chronic disease manifesting a variety of symptoms. He/she will treat the root of the problem. Here's my approach for a pet with mild symptoms. Eliminate all immune stressors (chemicals, pesticides, food additives, etc.). Feed natural raw foods supplemented with glandular concentrates, trace minerals, digestive enzymes and friendly bacteria. Use organic foods when possible and purified water. If a particular food triggers symptoms, avoid it for a period of time. I reduce or eliminate drugs, vaccines, etc. from the pet's regimen. After 2 months, if improvement is not continuing, I attempt to find the homeopathic remedy that best suits the animal. Find a veterinarian dedicated to homeopathy for the best results.

  • Russell Swift, DVM, Classical Homeopath

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