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Effects Of Symptom Suppression

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Dr. Prafull Vijayakar is a medical doctor turned homeopath from India. I have recently had the good fortune to read his books. One of them, Theory of Suppression, is an in depth look at one of the most important aspects of healing. His experience and research are a tremendous contribution to all living beings. I believe it is important to bring the basic principles of his work to the general public so that they may be more aware of what is happening in their own health and the health of their loved ones — human or non–human.

Dr. Vijayakar has defined seven levels of disease. Level one is the most superficial and level seven is the deepest. He defines these levels by the type of tissue involved in the disease process. (Before going further, I want to make clear that he is talking about DISEASE. Often, symptoms are the result of POOR DIET. The only way to treat malnutrition is by changing the diet.) Without getting into a tremendous amount detail, the seven layers are as follows:

1) Skin, hair, nails, surface and lens of eyes, mouth, tonsils, tooth enamel and body orifices

2) Linings of respiratory, gastrointestinal, and urinary tracts and gall bladder as well as glandular tissue

3) Ligaments, tendons, joints, muscles, dermis and blood

4) Heart, lymph, kidneys and lungs

5) Thyroid, pancreas, endocrine system and neuro–transmitters

6) Nervous system

7) Cellular RNA and DNA

In addition, within each of the seven levels is a hierarchy of the tissues in that level e.g. urinary tract is deeper than digestive tract. Why is this information so important? This list serves as a road map for the healing process and provides definite and objective feedback on the direction in which health is moving. If a disease symptom is removed and a new symptom appears on a deeper level, then the disease is being suppressed and is moving in the wrong direction. If a disease symptom disappears and is replaced by a more superficial symptom along with an improvement in general well being, then the disease is moving in the direction of cure. This holds true regardless of the type of treatment being used, whether conventional medicine, herbs, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, homeopathy, etc.

Let's look at a couple of examples. In these examples, a medicine may be any one or more of the following: drug, surgery, ointment, vitamin E oil, herbs, homeopathic remedy, etc.

A) A puppy has a skin rash. The rash is treated with medicine. After the rash is gone, the puppy has diarrhea. This is a move from level one to level two. This is going in the WRONG direction. The symptom has been suppressed and the animal's immunity has been further weakened. The diarrhea is treated with another medicine. The stools normalize but the pet begins to limp. It has been suppressed to level three.

B) A cat has ringworm. The ringworm is treated with a medicine which makes it disappear. However, the cat develops a urinary tract problem. Again, this is movement from level one to level two meaning suppression. This is treated with medicine and the cat has cardiomyopathy one year later. This is suppression from level two to level four.

The reverse of these examples i.e. the healing of these animals could look like the following:

A) The puppy receives the appropriate single homeopathic remedy and the limp disappears but diarrhea appears. The diarrhea disappears on its own after a short period of time and a skin rash develops on the face or body. The rash moves down the legs and heals.

B) The cat receives the correct homeopathic remedy and the heart function improves but the urinary tract flares. After a short time, the urinary tract problem resolves and the ringworm reappears. The ringworm lesions move down the legs and resolve.

(I have specified single homeopathic remedies in the above cases because this type of healing response in generally only seen when the CORRECT homeopathic remedy has been given.)

Here are some sure signs that your pet's (or your personal) health problem is being suppressed.

1) Disappearance of a symptom and the appearance of a deeper symptom.

2) Lack of energy, loss of appetite or lack of interest in playing or exploring environment.

3) Appearance of boils, abscesses.

4) Appearance of a deep infection.

Here are some good signs.

1) Disappearance of weakness

2) Normalizing of desires to play, eat, work, etc.

3) Normalizing of stamina

4) Normalizing of sleep

5) Normalizing of bowel movements

6) Increased tolerance to noise, sunlight, heat, cold, etc.

7) Decrease in sensitivity to rudeness, offenses or other emotional irritants

8) Decrease in temper, fears, anxieties

9) Movement of symptoms from higher levels to lower

Although many symptoms can be very difficult to tolerate, especially skin and ear problems, one must bear in mind the very high cost (in terms of future wellness) one pays for simply suppressing them. Would I rather my dog itch or have liver problems? is the type of question an animal guardian needs to bear in mind whenever the temptation to suppress a symptom arises.

I have only given an outline of Dr. Vijayakar's work. I believe it is enough for most of you to apply it to your pet (or yourself) and get a deeper understanding of the healing process. Do not be fooled into believing that health is improving because symptoms have disappeared or that a medicine is harmless because it is natural or holistic. Step back, look at the whole picture and the truth should be apparent.

  • Russell Swift, DVM, Classical Homeopath

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