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Seizure Disorders And Homeopathy

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Veterinarians commonly diagnose dogs and cats as having seizure disorders (epilepsy, for example.) Medicine generally considers these incurable. If the seizures occur often enough, medical practitioners prescribe an anti–convulsant drug such as phenobarbital, dilantin or potassium bromide to control them. Homeopaths are fortunate to have many more remedies available. If the homeopath chooses the correct remedy, curing seizure disorders is possible. As a holistic system, homeopathy requires finding the remedy best suited to the individual patient including his/her temperament, physical build, emotional states, symptoms and reactions to various stimuli. By peeking inside a homeopathic repertory (a book of symptoms which lists the potentially correct remedies), one can gain some idea of how a homeopath differentiates individuals regarding seizure disorders. Following are a few examples (the remedies have been omitted):

Convulsions from:

Bright light Concussion of the brain After exertion From emotions From fright From suppressed grief From injuries From suppressed discharges From suppressed eruptions After vaccination From worms

Homeopaths also use certain details of the seizures themselves to select the correct remedy, for example:

Beginning in the:

Face Head Legs

One sided

Times of day or night seizures occur

Homeopaths combine this information with the other details about the individual described above. As one can clearly see, selecting the correct homeopathic remedy is time consuming and challenging. The benefits, however, are immeasurable. The right remedy can eliminate the seizures without need for continuous treatment. In addition, homeopathy avoids the side effects of anti–convulsants such as liver toxicity, abnormal brain functions, behavior changes, drowsiness, etc. .

Of course, as with the homeopathic treatment of any chronic disorder, it is possible and often desirable that previously occurring symptoms reappear. A typical situation would be one in which the seizures began after a topical medicine or internal anti–inflammatory cured a skin problem (a hot spot, for instance.) If the practitioner gives the right homeopathic remedy, it will cure the seizures and cause the skin problem to recur. After a short time, the skin problem will also disappear.

The reason for this is easy to understand. Organs have different electrical charges. The brain has the highest charge and the skin one of the lowest. Toxins flow down the gradient from the brain to the skin. This is one way that the body protects the vital nervous system. The skin problem is really just a toxic discharge. Topical or internal treatment suppresses the problem by increasing the electrical charge of the skin, causing the toxins to flow upstream toward the more vital organs. The general make up of the individual determines where the toxins will go and what symptoms they will produce. Since, the correct remedy helps the detoxification process, the toxins again flow downstream from the brain to the skin. This results in the recurrence of the skin problem as the deeper problem (seizures) disappears. The completion of the detoxification process cures the skin condition, as well.

  • Russell Swift, DVM, Classical Homeopath

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