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Unique Introduction

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Here's what I've noticed people say about homemade food for dogs and cats...

  • I'm lazy and I want something easy
  • oh, I don't think I have time 'cuz I'm just too busy
  • now why would I want to do that
  • isn't it going to be expensive
  • did I say people mention the word lazy
  • sounds great but why
  • lazy, there's that word again
  • great! but I need something quick and simple or else!!!! !!!!!

Making homemade pet food is like a skate on a pondWell luckily for you, the good news is homemade food is not difficult. In fact it's childishly simplistic. Some might say making homemade food is like a skate on the pond.

What I find though is that people make preparing homemade pet food difficult and I never know why?!? Do you?

Personally, I'm lazy and I want something simple simple simple and still simpler than simple.

Pets Need Wholesome Food Also will explain how to make natural homemade dog food and cat food with my proven quick and simple method that is ridiculously easy. It's so simple you will be dumbfounded, guaranteed!

In fact, feeding a wholesome homemade diet can be so simple that you may wonder why a book is even needed. Truthfully, a book probably isn't needed and in just 3 words, I can tell you how to make and/or feed homemade pet food — feed raw meat.

Think about that for a moment — feed raw meat — the meat is raw and so that means no cooking. No cooking?!? Yes, I said no cooking. Think about that too — no cooking.

If the meat doesn't need to be cooked, then really, feeding a wholesome raw meat diet is as quick as feeding dry food or canned food. When feeding commercial pet food, you grab the food from the bag or the can. With natural pet food, you just grab the raw meat from the fridge.

Making a homemade diet is not like preparing chicken cordon bleu. Homemade pet food is not complicated and no cooking experience is required nor are you expected to wear a funny chef's hat. The hat is, of course, optional!

While feeding a wholesome raw meat diet is really that simple, there are some things you should know such as some do's and dont's, how to make the raw meat diet more complete, how much to feed, feeding methods or choices, etc. My book will explain all of this to you while helping you understand some of the many reasons why we should feed a raw meat diet. In this way, you are not just feeding a diet, but you are feeding yourself with knowledge and understanding.

Unfortunately, many people confuse animal nutrition with human nutrition. There is a difference you know. Animal nutrition really is nothing more than common sense and we all have common sense I hope!

There may be times when you might be shocked at the information presented within this book and this is because you are thinking in terms of human nutrition. When you begin to confuse human nutrition with animal nutrition, here's what you do:

  • bark like your dog or meow like your cat

Now I know you all think that barking or meowing is crazy, silly, stupid, childish and something only a dummy would do, but this is exactly why I suggest this.

When you bark like your dog or meow like your cat you will stimulate your nervous system to remind you that, hey, this is animal nutrition, not human nutrition. So, please feel free to bark or meow at any point while reading this book. If someone asks what you're doing, just say you're stimulating your nervous system and ask if they would care to join you!

Remember, animal nutrition is common sense and nothing more.

Love Is The Answer

If love is the answer, then what's the question?

Ultimately, one could say that if we trace all questions back to their origins, then love is the answer to every question. But in this case, the question is, why do many find feeding a wholesome raw meat diet too much work?

Well, the answer is this — when there is love, everything is easy.

People who find feeding wholesome homemade pet food a chore do so because they are not feeding with love. For some reason, they cannot find the love within them to embrace the simplicity of a wholesome homemade diet. As a result, they give up. There can be many underlying reasons for this, but what I know is that when you truly love feeding a wholesome raw meat diet, you will find it to be incredibly easy.

When there is love, everything is easy.

Unfortunately, many people also do not feed a wholesome raw meat diet because they see their cat as just a cat or their dog as just a dog. But when you realize that your dog or cat is a living being that requires wholesome nutrition then we, as humans, should assume the responsibility to feed them well.

While I am not a fan of commercial pet foods, I do admire those who feed commercial pet foods with love, because at least, they are doing what their heart tells them (even though I could never feed commercial pets food ever again).

Let's Dispel Some Myths

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Katy's Official Gospel

Did you know that... In 1990 the FDA banned sulfite use on fresh potatoes, but the National Coalition of Fresh Potato Processors joined forces with some other potato companies and got the ban overthrown on a legal technicality. Makes me feel safe! Now you know!

source: FOOD by Susan Powter

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