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Let's Dispel Some Myths About Homemade Pet Food

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  • homemade dog food and homemade cat food is not hard to make, it is in fact easy and childishly simplistic
  • you can be lazy and still make homemade pet food with minimal effort, that's right, I said minimal effort
  • homemade pet food does not take a lot of time, it is simple and incredibly quick if you know how
  • no pet food recipes are required!

Recipes, everybody wants pet food recipes. A recipe is a technique and a technique is a specific method of accomplishing a desired goal. Unfortunately the problem with techniques is that if you don't have one part of the pet food recipe, then you can't make it, plus you have to follow directions that never make sense!

Well, let's break loose and follow guidelines that are based on principle. Principles are codes of conduct. Codes of conduct allow you to adapt based on the principle. We are going to be focusing on the principles behind homemade food for dogs and cats because it's the principles that give you the flexibility you need to make the food hassle free and quick!!!

Principles are not to be confused with a school principal who will send you to detention. There's no punishment used in this book and you will never be asked to stand in the corner!

Just one more thought before we really start the process of learning about homemade pet food...

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Body by Katherine

I'm Like A Sporty Italian Ferrari

Just like a sporty Italian Ferrari, this sexy miniature schnauzer requires high octane fuel, otherwise known as wholesome foods.

Minerals have been referred to as the spark plugs of life. It is these sparks plugs that ignite the engine in my hot rod of a body and keep me looking young, healthy, vibrant, and of course, sexy.

Trace minerals are those minerals that are needed in small amounts and are found both in my food and supplements. Trace minerals help my organs work properly, maintain proper water balance and much more.

Get your trace minerals by eating fresh food. This way, you too will have a sparkling Body Design By Katherine.

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I've created a series of YouTube videos that you can watch or listen to whenever you want.

My videos are meant to take you on a journey of thoughts to help maximize the clarity of your own thoughts and approach to how you care for and love your pets.

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