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How To Use This Book Effectively

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Time is only wasted if it is not enjoyed — Benjamin Franklin

Discover incredibly rewarding information!

We all contain within our heads all the wisdom and knowledge we ever need to know. It's all there, trust me.

Sometimes this knowledge and wisdom may not be easily accessible, but it's there, right between your ears.

Therefore, this book is not about educating. This book is however about discovering. This book is about helping you discover what you already know.

What's old is definitely new again.

This book does not use big words or mumbo jumbo talk. Big words and small words both have the same meaning, but small words are easier to understand and for me, small words are easier to write.

This book does not contain any baffling scientific knowledge. It does however contain incredibly rewarding information that many of you already know and are now rediscovering.

Frequently, when I meet baby boomers they remind me that when they were growing up, all their pets ever ate were table scraps, leftovers and any food the dog or cat caught for themselves. These people go on to remind me that their dogs and cats never got sick eating these foods either.

Are you one of these people?

Although many people remind me of what foods used to be fed to dogs and cats, it is in fact the other way around. These people are reminding themselves. They are rediscovering what they already know by talking to me. In turn, this rediscovery helps to clear the air of smoke and the baffling scientific knowledge gives way to simple, but extremely effective common sense.

These people along with many others, including those who have only fed commercial pet foods and nothing else, are making the connection.

By providing this simple, yet extremely effective book, I will help you rediscover what you already know and help you discover how to improve and refine your knowledge about food for pets.

This book will help you discover why Pets Need Wholesome Food Also.

A Hassle Free Guide To Homemade Pet Food

This book is divided into 3 main parts.

Part 1 explains the why of homemade food. In a truly unique and incredibly inspirational manner, I will clearly illustrate why homemade food is nothing more than a simulation of what a dog or cat would get in the wild.

Part 2 will explain exactly what you need to make the food and nothing more.

Part 3 will easily explain how to make the food with a ridiculously quick and simple proven method. You will be dumbfounded to say the least at how amazingly easy homemade food is, both in making and understanding the concepts.

The beauty of this book (besides all of the cute pictures and the author's charming personality) is you can read whatever part you want first. If you want to know how to make the food before knowing why, then read part three first. You can read this book in many different ways to suit your reading and learning style.

After reading the first 3 parts (in the order you choose), feel free to peruse other parts of this site. There is a wealth of information for you to access.

My sincere apologies, I promised no fancy words and yet, for some reason I slipped the word peruse into the sentence above. Please understand, I only used that word because I actually wanted to feel like an author for a moment in time!

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Sick Pet ProjectMeet Jumbo, the participant in The Sick Pet Project.

Bonus: Demodectic Mange — Before and After — a must view and the before and after pictures are truly amazing... images courtesy of of Gracie (:

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Katy's Official Gospel

Did you know that... essential fatty acids are either of 2 fatty acids which the body requires, but cannot make from other substances and which must therefore be supplied by the food. The names of these 2 are linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Now you know!

source: Fats and Oils - The Complete Guide to Fats and Oils in Health and Nutrition by Udo Erasmus

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I've created a series of YouTube videos that you can watch or listen to whenever you want.

My videos are meant to take you on a journey of thoughts to help maximize the clarity of your own thoughts and approach to how you care for and love your pets.

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