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After learning so much about health and nutrition, I really began to learn the importance of enzymes. So, in November, 1995, I wanted to educate my supporters on the benefits of enzymes to one's health and the health of their pets.

It's amazing but true. Every year literally millions of dollars are raised to find the cure for cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, colitis, pancreatitis and many other severe and dangerous diseases. To date, it would probably be safe to speculate the money raised to find the cure for the above mentioned diseases are in the hundreds of million of dollars, and yet no cure has been found yet!?!

I always wonder why this publicly raised money is never used to do research on herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc. But sad to say, this will never be done because the drug companies can't put a patent on these naturally occurring remedies.

Isn't it ironic how publicly raised money isn't used to benefit the very people who donate?

Then we have products like laxatives and antacids along with breath fresheners which are big business for companies selling those products.

Laxatives sales literally reach into the millions every year for humans, and now many cats and dogs need them too. Does this tell you something about the state of health for humans? Why are dogs and cats getting these human related problems and disease?

Is cancer research big business?

Why can't they find a cure with their hundreds of millions of dollars when others have cured themselves of cancer and other degenerative disease naturally?!?

In my opinion, these research companies will never find a cure for cancer because they are not identifying the underlying causes nor are they willing to use the money for the public's benefit — instead, it's all profit oriented.

When a miracle drug is invented for one problem, another problem will only arise if the underlying problems are not addressed. So what's the answer?

The answer is simple. Live the way Mother Nature intended in accordance with her rules by feeding fresh food that has enzymes.

Enzymes are the vital energy in life and without them, life cannot exist. Cooking destroys these valuable allies which naturally aid digestion to help prevent illness, disease and problems. Make a deposit to your companions daily diet by feeding lots of those friendly enzymes.

The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzymes potential of an organism. The increased use of food enzymes promotes a decreased rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential.

The Enzyme Nutrition Axiom — Dr. Edward Howell

Essentially there are three classes of enzymes, with thousands of enzymes in each class.

The first class of enzymes are the food enzymes. These enzymes are found abundantly in all fresh uncooked, unpasteurized, non irradiated, and other non heat treated foods. Food enzymes actually aid the body in digestion and may additionally be added in the way of supplemental enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are the enzymes that your body produces to help with the digestion. In humans, this automatically begins when saliva, which is loaded with enzymes, touches the food in the mouth. Humans are one of the few animals that have enzymes in saliva. Dog and cats belong to the majority of animals that have no enzymes at all in their saliva. They rely solely on the enzymes found in the food and supplemental enzymes given. However, when a dog or cat is fed cooked food, they begin to produce enzymes in their saliva. The reason for this will be explained later, but obviously this is not good.

Metabolic enzymes are the last class of enzymes. Their prime job is to help repair every bone, tissue, muscle, and organ of the body. Without them, your body would not be able to heal. The best example of metabolic enzymes at work is when a fever is present. The body creates a fever as enzymes work faster at higher temperature, however their life is also then shorter. But the increased action of enzymes during a fever is done so the enzymes will frequent the white blood cells more often. The white blood cells in turn attack and digest the bacteria. This action is known as phagocytosis.

The length of life depends inversely on the rate of living

Prof. Pearl of John Hopkins University

The Law of Adaptive Enzyme Secretion

The law of adaptive enzyme secretion is the most fundamental and relevant law you need to know about enzyme nutrition.

Basically this law simply states that if the food fed is cooked and enzyme depleted, then the body must produce more digestive enzymes and sacrifice those all important metabolic enzymes. Conversely, when supplemental enzymes and enzyme rich food are fed in combination, the body now has to produce less digestive enzymes and can now produce more metabolic enzymes.

This explains why dogs and cats eating enzyme rich food have no enzymes in their saliva, but those animals eating enzyme depleted foods do. The body adapts to what is provided.

It is no coincidence that those that are of old age and have been eating a cooked diet show low metabolic enzymes. Only humans choose to work against Mother Nature's guidelines and as such are paying the consequence. Unfortunately, humans are now bringing their unhealthy habits onto their domesticated animals.

In nature all animals use food enzymes to their advantage. Killer whales are known to have up to 32 seals in their initial stomach, but no enzymes produced by their own body are present. The killer whale allows the seal's own digestive juices and the enzymes within the seal's own body to digest itself for the killer whale. This allows the killer whale to save its own enzymes and digestive juices for more crucial and important jobs.

The Three Basic Enzymes

The three basic enzymes are protease, amylase, and lipase. Protease helps the body digest protein, amylase helps the body digest carbohydrates and starches; and lipase helps the body digest fat. Cellulase also deserves a word of mention as it helps the body digest plant fiber.

Carnivores tend to produce more protease as they eat more protein in the form of meat, while a herbivore tends to produce more amylase as they tend to eat more carbohydrates and starch in the form of grains. Therefore, the law of adaptive enzyme secretion not only says that your body will produce more or less digestive enzymes depending on how much food and supplemental enzymes there are, but also each animal produces more or less of one class of enzymes all depending on the nature of their original diet as prescribed by who else, Mother Nature.

Mother Nature only gave the body so many enzymes. Once they are used, they are disposed of through urine, feces, sweat, and other modes of elimination.

Enzymes are not endless. Those animals that eat enzyme depleted foods will undoubtedly suffer the dire consequences of poor health as they will run out of digestive enzymes. Those who eat in accordance to nature's own laws will be blessed with good health.

The pancreas is only given a specific amount of enzymes at birth. Once those enzymes are gone, that's it.

Make a deposit to your companion's enzyme bank account. Feed enzyme rich food and supplemental enzymes to prevent digestive enzyme bankruptcy.

Enzymes are the vital force and energy of life, without them problems like those mentioned at the beginning may arise.

The cure and prevention are one in the same and this is why they will never find a cure with all the money in the world. Researchers fail to look at the cause. They are not willing to make a lifestyle change. No research can find a drug that will change anyone's lifestyle.

Editor's Paw Note

If you would like to add supplemental enzymes to your pet's diet, then use FloraZyme LP. This is a high quality pancreatic derived enzyme supplement that I've been using since 1994.

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