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Katherine DeBarnes' Top 10 Reasons Why Your Dog or Cat Should Eat Fresh Food!

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Published in September, 1995, I got this idea from David Letterman's famous Top 10 list.

10. Your dog won't have doggy odour no more.

9. Rumour says Katherine DeBarnes will be hosting The Late Show instead of David Letterman as her grooming is much better.

8. If it is good enough for Katherine DeBarnes, then it's good enough for all dogs and cats.

7. If it's good enough for the lions of the Kalahari then it's good enough for your companions.

6. If Karen Brewster can feed all 176 cats in her cat shelter fresh food without a catastrophe then feeding a few animals ought to be doggone easy!

5. It's better than eating stools.

4. Lower vet bills are always nice.

3. You won't get tendonitis from opening canned food no more.

2. Your children won't want to eat it.

And the number one reason why your companions should be eating a fresh food diet is because:

1. Your pets might as well eat better than you!!!

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