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Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies for Dogs and Cats

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Stomach Remedies for Dogs and Cats

  • RuniPoo Relief

    Promotes firm stool formation and healthy bowel functioning, plus soothes the stomach.

  • StabiliTEA

    Herbal tea promotes balance and stability and helps settle stomachs.

  • Stomach Soothe ComboPack

    Herbal supplement for healthy digestion and comfort after meals and Herbal supplement for whole body health.

  • Travel Ease ComboPack for Pets

    Ginger K9 Cookie Crunch for upset stomachs, especially while traveling and Homeopathic medicine EasyTravel Solution for queasiness associated with travel sickness.

Sick Pet Project

Sick Pet ProjectMeet Jumbo, the participant in The Sick Pet Project.

Bonus: Demodectic Mange — Before and After — a must view and the before and after pictures are truly amazing... images courtesy of of Gracie (:

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Catfucius Says

Hungry raven is ravenous.

Pictures of My Pets

You Tube Videos

I've created a series of YouTube videos that you can watch or listen to whenever you want.

My videos are meant to take you on a journey of thoughts to help maximize the clarity of your own thoughts and approach to how you care for and love your pets.

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