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The Funny Thing About Health

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The funny thing about health though is that you cannot know when your healthy diet and lifestyle is really working!

Of course, if you have cancer or your pet has cancer and you begin to feeding a wholesome diet and the cancer goes away — you can say to yourself, the wholesome diet approach is working.

But people will say, you have been feeding a wholesome diet and your pet still got sick — and people will then say, obviously feeding a wholesome diet does not work because your pet still got sick.

What people fail to understand is that when a wholesome diet is really working, you cannot know it is because a health problem will not manifest itself. So you will never know — and can never know how many health problems have been avoided! You will only know when a health problem manifests itself.

A healthy body gets sick — illness is just part of life — but a healthy body can rebound and recover faster. Sometimes you need a health care professional to assist. Example, myself I go to a Chinese herbalist.

With our pets it can sometimes be more difficult to get the same sort of health care, but the good news is that with pets, it is much easier to feed them a wholesome diet, which is the foundation of health. With us humans, we have so many bad influences that can cause us to eat unhealthy — from deep fried foods to sugar rich foods — but with our pets, it is so much easier to feed them a pure and wholesome diet.

If a problem does happen when the body has been eating a wholesome diet, it can then respond better to any herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc than a pet that has not. Wholesome foods are the foundation of health — without a wholesome diet, one cannot obtain health. Nutrition is the fuel that powers the body.

A wholesome raw meat diet is not a miracle diet. Pets today are sicker than ever before. The genetics of the pets today are weaker than ever before. There is environmental pollution, contaminations, etc. There are many factors that cause ill health, but there is one thing that can provide the body with the necessary tools to create good health — a wholesome diet and lifestyle.

The funny thing about health though is that you cannot know when your healthy diet and lifestyle is really working — but the smiles on the faces of your pets will give you at least some gratification in knowing you've done the best you can.

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