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Glandular Supplements and Glandular Therapy

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Glandulars are actually small amounts of raw glands that you can feed to your companion.

Glandulars are said to help your companion by distracting the body's own immune response. Does that make sense?

For some reason, when the body is suffering from an auto–immune disorder, the body can actually attack one or more of its own glands. By giving raw glands to your pet in the form of a healthy treat or nutritional supplement, you essentially trick their body (distracting the immune response). Now, instead of the body attacking its own glands, it attacks the glands that you have just fed. This in turn allows the body's glands to heal.

Feeding certain glands is said to help in certain ways. Here's a brief list of what certain glands may help with:


allergies, chronic stress/illness, low blood sugar, frequent infections, respiratory problems, fleas, mange, ear mites, ring worm


epilepsy, behavioural problems, nerve problems


cardiomyopathy and other heart problems


kidney dysfunction


liver problems, anemia, diabetes, low blood sugar, debilitation, general health maintenance


poor immune function, chronic infections, tumors, poor digestion


poor immune function, chronic infections, tumors, mange


improper thyroid function, over or under weight, cold body temperature, arthritis, hair loss

When using glandulars, it is best to use supplements made with antibiotic and hormone free glands that have been preserved at low temperatures to preserve the nutrients.

Raw glandulars will also provide certain nutrients specific to the gland including minerals, fatty acids, lipoproteins, enzymes and so on.

Glandulars are usually available in different combinations to help with different situations including combinations for general health maintenance.

At the moment, I currently provide four glandular supplements for dogs and cats in my pet store.

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