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What Meats Should *Not* Be Fed To Dogs and Cats

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As briefly mentioned on the previous page, we do not feed meats that can cause trichinosis.

Trichinae develop as adults in the intestines and as larvae in the muscles, causing intestinal disorders, fever, nausea, muscular pain, and edema of the face. Trichinosis is therefore the disease caused by trichinae.

So we simply do not feed any meat that can cause trichinosis.

Meats that cause trichinosis include, but are not limited to:

  • bear
  • pork
  • wolf
  • lynx
  • seal
  • walrus
  • wolverine
  • round squirrels
  • fox (arctic and red)

The interesting thing is, and I don't have an answer for this, but the Inuit (Eskimo) always fed their huskies raw seal meat and probably raw walrus meat too. I am not sure how this affected the health of the huskies, but nonetheless, it is not advisable to feed any meat that can cause trichinosis.

Further to this, the Inuit always did and still do eat raw seal and walrus meat themselves. Again, I am not sure how or if this affects their health but personally I wouldn't feed or eat any meat that can potentially cause trichinosis.

Finally, the Inuit often fed the seal meat to their huskies frozen. Feeding frozen meat is not advisable but apparently, the huskies did well on the diet as they were used to pull sleds long distance in the freezing cold winters.

More Meaty Information To Come

There's more meaty information to come because the next page is about organ meats:

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