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Dogs and cats deserve a wholesome raw meat diet

What You Need To Make Natural Homemade Pet Food

Balanced raw foods make the most sense from a natural and scientific point of view. — Dr. Michael Lemon, DVM

The following pages are written in note form when possible and are to the point.

The following pages tell you exactly what you need to make homemade pet food and nothing else.

Muscle Meats

We use the meats that are most commonly found. We do not use meats that can cause trichinosis like pork. The following meats are most commonly fed:

chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, eggs, goat

  • When feeding muscle meats only feed one at a time. In other words try not to combine meats when possible.
  • You can feed ground meat or meat chunks.
    • Ground meat is easier for mixing vegetables and supplements in, adding more moisture to the meat and ground meat is, generally speaking, easier to make warm. But meat chunks can be fed.
    • Some will say that meat chunks are actually better since no small pieces of meat get stuck between the teeth. This can be important for preventing dental problems. Others also say that meat chunks are a more natural form of food eaten by our carnivore friends.
    • Taking the above into account, I personally prefer to feed meat chunks to cats because vegetables are not as important to cats as they are to dogs. Some cats won't eat their meat if vegetables are mixed in. Other cats love their vegetables. So if the cat doesn't like vegetables at all, then meat chunks should only be fed. If the cat enjoys or tolerates vegetables, then ground meat is an option for cats.
    • Over the years, I have noticed that cats eating ground meat tend to eat more slowly as they have to pick small morsels of ground meat with their incisors, which is not how a cat normally eats. As a result, cats eating ground meat tend to eat smaller meals and tend to eat their meals more slowly. However, I have found that cats eating chunks of meat tend to eat their food faster. Feeding meat chunks to cats allows them to eat more naturally. The cat will grab the meat chunk and then break the meat chunk down to the size they need with their molars before swallowing. This ultimately allows the cat to eat a larger meal faster. This in turn helps to ensure the cat is more satisfied which helps to eliminate the habit of free feeding.
    • For dogs, they usually inhale the meat and so when you do feed ground meats, they often don't even chew it. They just lick it up and swallow. Instantly gone.
    • Realizing that dogs usually lick the ground meat and then swallow, the chances of having ground meat stuck in the teeth is low. Since some vegetables are important to dogs, I feed dogs ground meat more often but feeding dogs meat chunks is also good.
    • In some situations you can feed meat chunks to a dog with the ground vegetables to the side. The dog will eat both the meat and vegetables. If your dog will eat the vegetables in this way, then I would choose this option because ultimately, meat chunks are better than ground meat.
    • When feeding meat chunks to our pets, it is harder to make the meat chunks warm. You can feed the meat right away if the meat is not too cold coming from the fridge. Otherwise, let it sit on the counter top for an hour so more of the meat is at room temperature. You see, the problem with meat chunks is that it is easy to warm the exterior of the meat but not the interior. However, we are not seeking perfection here. Instead, we are seeking the best solution based on the situation and circumstances. So even if you feed meat chunks and it is a little bit cold, it's not the end of the world. Saying that, some pets will only eat their food if it is tepid to warm.
    • Adding supplements to meat chunks can be slightly more difficult. With ground meat, the powdered supplements are easily mixed in. But with meat chunks, not so. Hence, I simply rub or apply any of the supplements to the ground meat and sort of rub them in a little with a spoon or fork (just so the powdered supplements stick to the meat because otherwise, the powdered supplements can just fall off). I don't spend much time doing this, in fact, probably just a few seconds. But it's enough time so the dog or cat cannot easily shake the supplements off the meat!
    • One last thought on meat chunks — and this is for those with cats. Some cats will be more likely to play with the meat chunk before, during or after eating. This can be either entertaining or frustrating as you see a meat chunk flying across the room. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it's just a little warning in advance in case it does happen!
  • Feed meats with normal fat content as dogs and cats require the raw fat for healthy skin.
    • Do not feed fat by itself as this could potentially lead to pancreatitis.
  • Do not feed fat that has been cooked as a dog or cat cannot digest cooked fat. Cooked fat is grease, raw fat is just fat.
  • Cooked fat can also potentially lead to problems such as pancreatitis. Many pets have been known to get pancreatitis after their owners have fed them the cooked skin of the chicken they were eating. Of course, the owner thought they were giving the dog or cat a nice treat or snack, but it can cause serious health problems. Often, pancreatitis doesn't happen over night. Instead, this sort of problem just begins to happen slowly but when it does happen, you will wish it never did.
  • Although some specialty meats are more expensive, I occasionally feed them to add variety.
    • Examples of specialty meats are: moose, musk ox, bison, ostrich, emu, and venison.
    • The good news about specialty meat is that the meat is usually very pure.
  • If you are feeding poultry, such as boneless chicken thighs, use the raw skin as the source of fat. Since we feed a normal amount of fat, use a normal amount of skin. As an example, if you feed chicken meat that is 1 inch (2.5 cm) square, then use enough skin to cover the surface of the meat.
  • When feeding poultry, feed dark meat rather than white meat if you can. Dark meats have more nutrition than white meat.
  • You can, if you want, soak any utensils that have come in contact with meat, especially poultry in a solution of hot water and grapefruit seed extract.
    • Grapefruit seed extract will be available at any health food store so just ask a clerk. They usually have pamphlets which give you an idea of how many drops of extract to use.
    • A small bottle of extract can last one, maybe two years and has many uses.
    • Ultimately though, when using utensils with raw meat, you do the same things as if you were preparing a meat dish for your family or yourself. Many people get paranoid about the utensils touching poultry yet fail to remember that they prepare chicken or turkey all the time for themselves. You do not need to get paranoid about salmonella, etc, but the reality is you just need to apply common sense rules to cleaning any utensil that has touched raw meat.

A Special Note About Eggs

Today, there are more people selling free range eggs! Don't be afraid to feed eggs to your pets.

Eggs are quick and simple to prepare and in addition, eggs are relatively cheap. Free range eggs are usually quite healthy as the quality of free range eggs (depending upon the person who feeds and takes care of the free range chickens) is higher.

Straight To The Point

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The Wonders of A Wholesome Meal!


Hello everyone,

We are two Pomeranian brothers Dolce & Gabbana.

We were born on the 18th of November, 2009 in Malta, Europe (near the southern part of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea).

We have been struggling with allergies since we started eating at 4 weeks of age.

When our mother took us home for the first time she immediately realised that there was something wrong with us, Big possibility it was allergies. Mummy took us to the vet with no delay. Our vet changed our food, yet another garbage dry food perhaps even worse from what we where having. It was full of corn, maize, corn, maize. Mummy thought this food was more appropriate for chicken and not puppies. This food only made us feel worse with watery eyes, itchy skin and it just irritated much. So Mummy thought ok I will feed them what I believe is nutritional and healthy – nothing can beat natural food.

So mummy started cooking for us fresh cooked food – 2 parts meat and 1 part vegetables and some boiled apples, pears and raw bananas instead of vegetables for breakfast. Our skin and itching had improved in the first week but our eye irritations and watering got worse. To the vet again. This time the same brand food but a veterinary diet and still with corn plus some supplements such Omega 3, Omega 6, taurine, minerals and vitamins. Since Mummy did not know much about these sources she did not trust it and believed this was another commercial crap. She bought it and the food also but never gave it to us. Now Mummy came to the conclusion that we were allergic to wheat – so no treats, allergic to corn – so no commercial food. Mummy had to find what was harming us in her fresh food diet that she believed in so much.

Mummy began to believe that we had protein allergy. So our diet had been adjusted to boiled duck breast and sweet potatoes. At this point Mummy was worried sick about us and our health at this very crucial time while we are growing from babies to young boys. She was worried that we are going to be weak for the rest of our lives just because she did not know what was the proper food for us. She was feeling irresponsible that she had brought us to her without knowing how to take care of us properly. The love she gave us was not enough for our needs. She hesitated to go to the vet again as she felt that he was not understanding her when she explained natural food was her choice to feed us.

Meanwhile Mummy kept on searching on the internet for a remedy, day and night of course this was how she learned to detect our allergies to wheat, corn and also protein – from the internet. Mummy was worried sick, Saying to her self, but if I don’t feed them protein from meat what can I feed them to make them grow strong and healthy? Vegetables were not enough! Dogs are not vegetarians! It is against their nature. Mummy’s head was spinning now feeling down and sick of not eating herself. Spending nights not sleeping, staying on the internet searching for a remedy for our proper intake and praying to mighty God to help her find a solution to make us healthy and happy. On Friday night or early Saturday morning on March 5th, 2010, Mummy came across Pets Need Wholesome Food Also. She thought, here I am, this is the answer to my prayers!

Mummy kept reading till morning – her eyes filled with tears of joy. She knew this was it. Same diet as she was giving us, which she believed in so much except uncooked! So Mummy has found the key. At least, that was what she was hoping.

After she read and understood all which was very plain and easy for her to understand, she went to the freezer, got the fresh meat which she had bought and packed in portions the previous day for us. Mummy thought she would start off with chicken breast minced, although, there was a time that she was beginning to think that we where allergic to chicken meat but after she read the story of the The Sick Pet Project, it encouraged her to give it to us. She thought this is for sure more wholesome than the poor meal of 2 parts sweet potatoes and 1 part cooked duck breast which we have been eating for 3 days now.

So Mummy prepared the well blended vegetables which consisted of carrots and peas and defrosted the chicken mince by putting it in a plastic bag and soaking it in warm water: For this time she had learned not to use a microwave for our food. Than she broke some eggs, washed the shell and removed the white lining inside and also removed the parts which where printed with ink for date of consumption, then she crushed them as fine as possible by putting them in a plastic bag and crushed them further with the rolling pen several times. Unfortunately, in Malta we do not have a homeopathic veterinarian, let alone a place where to buy the homeopathic remedies for pets.

By now it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Mummy had realised that we where hearing her all the time so we were not sleeping in our playpen. While Mummy always gave us breakfast at around 7:30 AM or 8:00 AM, she could not wait to start giving us this wholesome meal and start us fresh on this what she called miraculous raw diet. We where so starving that we ate double the portion we normally eat. Mummy started crying and showered us with kisses and cuddles and telling us that now we were on the road to recovery, good health and happiness. We had a very nice sleep afterword and Mummy was very much concerned about our reaction to the new diet so she kept watching us constantly while we where sleeping like two little angels.

When we got up we where rather upset because it was our digestive system. Mummy thinks we needed some FloraZyme LP according to what she understood in her reading but unfortunately Mummy did not have any on hand, neither could she go buy it nor make it her self for us like she did the calcium. So Mummy decided to rub our tummy and stomach with warm hands after some time one of us went to the washroom on the nappy to get relieved, that was me Dolce, and immediately I started playing and running with my toys. Gabbana was still upset looking up at Mummy with mercy. He did urinate quit a few times, not only on the nappy but wherever. His urine was very clear like water. Meanwhile, five hours has passed and Gabbana had no sign of apatite.

This time we were not so keen on the food both of us. Not much of a nice taste like the food we are use to. So Mummy decided to mash some peanut butter in it because that is our favourite treat. We ate it all from Mummy’s hands, given with love.

My brother Gabbana still has not been relieved and he was sleeping again when Gabbana got up went to the nappy pad and got relieved. Seeing us happy playing and full of life was a great relief for Mummy! We have been fed 4 times a day as usual but much bigger amount, almost double of what we normally ate. Although we are very small, we still have managed to take big meals until this morning. I, Dolce, weigh 1.6 Kg and my brother Gabbana weighs 2.1 kg. Today is our fifth day on the wholesome meal raw diet. At our first meal of the day we ate the usual big meal and after some small pieces of pear and bananas. At our second meal we ate a little less and our third meal was less for Gabbana. Gabbana always seemed to be the strongest.

In these 5 days, we had become two complete different puppies – no excessive itching, no eye irritations and the rough hair patch on the lower part of our back and tail begin to get smoother. Mummy had helped it a little by messaging some olive oil on it too. It is unbelievable how much benefit we have had from the wholesome raw diet in just 5 days. We are already feeling and looking healthier – and much more playful, relaxed and obedient. And all this was not possible without the help and amazing educational information to our Mummy of how to feed and make wholesome meals for us (

We have no words to thank you enough Jesse. You are a God sent gift to us and those like us. May God be with you and bless you always!

– Dolce & Gabanna

Dolce and Gabbana

Thank You Jesse



I raise American Pitbull Terriers and they are the absolute joy of my life.

Katie May is going to be two years old in May of 2013. I bred her. She was sick for the first part of her life with terrible diarrhea, no matter what I fed her. I tried all kinds of different dog foods and the results were the same. I even began making food for her using chicken, vegetables, and white rice. Still she stayed sick. She was also always hungry. I looked online for answers and really started to lose hope. Vets didn't provide me with solutions that worked either. She was diagnosed with colitis, also.

Jesse, when I stumbled across your website and began reading the information you provide, it all made a lot of sense. I was skeptical, just because I had been through so much with this dog already and love her so much-all I wanted was to get her well. I struggled with her sickness night and day, just wondering and trying to figure out the best for my Katie May.

Since I really had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I decided to take your information and give it a try praying the whole time that she would get well. Her stomach would make very loud growling noises and she would twist and her sleep was constantly interrupted. She constantly itched and scratched and had hair loss and sores on her body where she would bite herself, when I first began this diet.

Jesse, I have tears in my eyes as I am writing this email to you because Katie May is better now. She doesn't itch anymore. She can sleep and not be tormented. She gets full now. She is so happy and healthy. My prayers have been answered and me and Katie May are so happy.

I could never thank you enough or tell you just what a difference your work has made in our lives. You, my friend, have helped me so much. I really reached a point of such great sadness and desperation. I didn't think I would ever be able to get her well and she is everything to me. She is well now and I still can hardly believe it. She responded marvelously to the raw diet. You have been a miracle to us. Keep up your good work because you are so important to all of us and our pets really need you. From the bottom of my heart, Jesse, thank you.

– Jeff

My Australian Shepherd Has A Second Life – Thank You!


Hello! I would like to first say Thank You for your information! My Australian Shepherd is 14 years young and was having problems walking up stairs and jumping up on the bed/couch. He was on the raw food diet for about 2 – 3 weeks when he started running up the stairs, jumping on the couch/bed. Because of his age and having such a hard time, I was preparing myself for his trip to Rainbow Bridge, feeling that it would be sooner rather than later. Now I feel the later is the best word. He is so happy, you can see it in his eyes when he is lying on the couch!! My dogs teeth have turned white! It is truly amazing! Again, Thank you!

– Jennifer