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Karen's Cats — All 176 of Them

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Published in January, 1995, in my newsletter called Animal Tales, I thought I would show that if one lady could feed 176 cats, then it only makes sense that the average person can feed a few pets.

Karen Brewster is making an incredible difference in the lives of many cats. Karen is the founder of a cat shelter called Volunteer Animal Rescue.

Karen lives with her 176 cats that she has rescued. Her house is cat burglar proof (literally). Her back yard is completely penned in so the cats can't run away. Inside the house, well that is a whole story in itself. Basically, Karen might as well be living at sea. With 176 cats, everything is prone to be knocked over by jumping cats that are curious to know what lies on top of that shelf over there, and that shelf over here, and well, every shelf.

Anyway, back in November of 1994, Karen attended a workshop of mine. Her intent was to improve yet again the lives of all her cats by feeding them fresh food. Immediately after the workshop, Karen was at work feeding the cats a natural diet.

Many improvements have been made since incorporating fresh food, supplements, etc. Karen has given her rescued cats, many of whom were sick when rescued, a fighting chance to stay alive and be healthy.

Karen is reliving the experiment done by Dr. Francis Pottenger back in the 1930's. Dr. Pottenger showed the world the amazing benefits of fresh, raw food by feeding half of his cats raw meat and the other half cooked meat. The half that were fed raw meat were purrfectly healthy while those fed cooked meat had many problems, especially in second and third generation cats.

Many of Karen's cats are doing much better now with a good diet. Karen's mission is to make these cats exceptionally healthy and give them a good place to live. Karen is living proof that if 1 person can feed a homemade diet to 176 cats, that feeding a homemade diet is really simple. If Karen feeds all of her 176 cats a homemade diet, then feeding 1 or 2 pets should be pawsitively easy.

Good Energy

After Morris My Cat passed away, I realized the impact that a wholesome raw meat diet made — good energy.

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