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Raiders of The Lost Buried Bones

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In 1996 I heard of an interesting individual by the name of Sherlock Bones. He helps people find lost pets and so in March, 1996, I wrote a silly story based on Raiders of The Lost Ark.

Starring Sherlock Bones and Katherine DeBarnes as Agent 00K9

A long time ago, so the legend goes, there was a sacred bone that belonged to the kingdom of King Barkalot.

As the legend goes, King Barkalot's Kingdom was coming under ever increasing threats from foreign predators.

Fearing the loss of his sacred bone during a raid, King Barkalot buried the bone in a secret and mysterious place never to be seen again.

When the Kingdom was overcome by outside forces, King Barkalot mysteriously disappeared. Some say the King was killed during the raid, some say the King fled vowing to return to reunite his loyal supporters once again.

When the King did not return immediately to reunite his Kingdom, his loyal supporters secretly began a tradition that still occurs to this very day.

To honour their King and to keep the hope that King Barkalot would some day return, loyal supporters buried bones randomly to recreate their King's heroic act. The supporters buried bones despite the fact that new rulers outlawed this.

Many years and generations have passed since King Barkalot buried the sacred bone. But, to this day, dogs all around the world that are descendants of this lost kingdom still practice their now ancient and traditional bone burying ritual.

Since the burying of the sacred bone by King Barkalot, many have tried, but failed to find this sacred of all bones.

There is some question to where the sacred bone was actually buried by King Barkalot. Researchers and scholars have speculated and some have done their Ph.D (philosopher of dogs) on the legend. However, honestly no-one and no-dog knows for sure where the sacred bone and even King Barkalot's kingdom actually was.

Legend has it though that one day, the reincarnation of King Barkalot will return to unearth the sacred bone and re-unite his supporters.

Just over one year ago, in the year of the dog, Katherine DeBarnes, agent 00K9 joined forces with Sherlock Bones, pet detective to solve this ancient mystery once and for all.

Katherine DeBarnes' training as a secret agent is combined with Sherlock Bones' skill in finding lost dogs and cats. Together, as a team, they work diligently reviewing the clues.

What they found was that most bones are buried in the back yards of homes. Realizing this, together they went to where they believed the ancient kingdom used to be.

Searching for clues, Sherlock Bones began posting notices everywhere asking for information. Meanwhile, Katherine DeBarnes used her highly trained nose to sniff for clues.

As a result of Sherlock Bones posters, many tips were received. Narrowing down the search to the back yard of a white house in White Rock.

Katherine DeBarnes went to work. Her nose to the ground. Digging here and digging there like any terrier would do.

Then, all of a sudden, Katherine DeBarnes began digging furiously. Had she found the lost bone?

Dirt by now was flying everywhere. Suddenly the digging stopped. Katherine stood up with the bone in her mouth. She dropped the bone and began barking for the whole neighbourhood to hear.

Could it be that not only had Katherine found the sacred bone, but could Katherine DeBarnes also be the reincarnation of King Barkalot?

Those that know Katherine DeBarnes will tell you she definitely barks a lot. It is believed by many that the web site, which is inspired by Katherine DeBarnes, is just a front.

Many believe that Katherine DeBarnes has a plan of educating the world about natural health and nutrition for pets. People believe that Katherine DeBarnes is using this web site as a front to re-unite her supporters.

King Barkalot has returned but this time as a Queen. Katherine DeBarnes is here to unite the dogs and cats of the world!

And this my friend is the history of the ancient legend of King Barkalot's sacred bone and the reason why dogs bury bones.

Editor's Paw Note

Although Katherine DeBarnes is not really a secret agent, Sherlock Bones does exist. Sherlock Bones, otherwise known as John Keane, is a real life pet detective. He has been helping people recover lost and stolen pets since 1976. John Keane has appeared on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and other TV programs explaining what he does.

If your dog or cat goes missing, consider visiting his web site at John Keane does telephone consultations so you can get organized. He will tell you what you need to do to find your companion. In some cases John has done the field work to find the lost pet. His rates are fair while his service is invaluable.

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