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Pets Teach Us

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We can learn many things from our pets and here are just a few of their lessons.

The Dog Pant

This breathing technique is a Pranayama Yoga lesson. Prana Yoga is the third lesson in Yoga and is directly focussed on breathing.

This technique helps rid the lungs and body of excess toxins plus it helps add shape to the stomach and we all know that dogs have beautifully shaped stomachs.

Spread legs slightly apart, then bend the knees a little and place your hands on your knees.

This is important - you must gasp out every last bit of air in your lungs and then stick tongue out and pant like a dog. You will feel the stomach muscles being used terrifically.

A dog when running pants very shallow and very fast. That is why dogs have that terrific upswing to the tummy.

You will find you will get out of rhythm with the panting. That is the time to come up for breath and then repeat three times. This breath also will be extended as you practice.

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga teaches us to accept all that happens with love. Karma Yoga is about action. It's about understanding that our higherself will always do what it wants regardless of what we want. Therefore, we may as well just accept things as they are and as they happen.

Dogs exemplify this way of life in the most incredulous way.

You can scold a dog and yet it will always come back to you with love. You can leave the house for the smallest or longest amount of time and be welcomed in the same loving way always.

So when you need to learn the way to live, look at your dog.

Breathe Warm Air

Cats and dogs will both wrap their tails around their face when sleeping. Why? To breathe warm air.

Our bodies prefer warm air and so when you can, make sure you do breathe warm air.

The Earth Is Flat!

If I told you that the earth was flat then you would say I was crazy. We all know the earth is round just as we all know that wholesome foods are important for good health. Realizing this, why are so many people suffering from flat earth disease when it comes to accepting that a wholesome raw meat diet is important for our pets?

Sick Pet Project

Sick Pet ProjectMeet Jumbo, the participant in The Sick Pet Project.

Bonus: Demodectic Mange — Before and After — a must view and the before and after pictures are truly amazing... images courtesy of of Gracie (:

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Body by Katherine

I'm A Sexy Canine

I don't want to wag my tail here too much, but I'm a sexy canine.

Now, I know what you're thinking and you're right, beauty comes from within, and it does! You see, in my case, my bowel is so clean, I can't help but be sexy.

I'm extremely vibrant and I owe it all to eating fresh wholesome foods. Fresh food helps maintain regularity naturally. In turn, this helps ensure toxins leave via my stools and not via my skin. Fresh food helps maintain friendly bacteria in my colon also.

Wholesome food keeps my bowels cleaner than a puppy that just had a bath!

Being able to rid my insides of toxins easily is vital to helping keep me a sexy canine on the outside with no extra weight due to a ballooned colon!

A clean colon will help give you a wonderful and vibrant Body Design By Katherine!

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Pictures of My Pets

You Tube Videos

I've created a series of YouTube videos that you can watch or listen to whenever you want.

My videos are meant to take you on a journey of thoughts to help maximize the clarity of your own thoughts and approach to how you care for and love your pets.

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